Ready to Suck

Photography by
Robert Yang

That sucking dude on BUTT’s splash page this month was coded and designed by Robert Yang for Succulent, an interactive music video game, the second of the Brooklyn-based designer’s trio of gay sex-themed games. At his website, you can download and play the actual game, which features a soundtrack by Arca.

Robert tells me, the sucking clone is like if James ‘toned-but-not-too-toned’ Wolk and Adam Levine had a Max Headroom-type baby. Apparently, this kind of spornosexual is rare in gaming. He explains, ‘Most virtual men have exaggerated muscles and silhouettes because you need to be able to read a character’s body language easily from a distance. Overtly sexualizing men in video games is also still pretty rare’.

Look for Robert’s next gay game, Stick Shift, which will be released tomorrow. That one is about ‘giving your car a handjob, and deriving pleasure from giving pleasure’.

Published on 01 April 2015