BUTT - Butt34-final-cover-080124-front-2

Spring 2024

From ass to architecture to ass architecture, this full-frontal issue of BUTT has plenty of queer ringleaders, free speech and cock. Yes, please.

JASON OKUNDAYE, gay historian shows crack

By Douglas Greenwood and Ajamu X

HARI NEF, Hollywood doll is literally one

By Zak Stone and Collier Schorr

DR. EVAN GOLDSTEIN, hole-care guru

By Michael Bullock and Marcelo Krasilcic

GRAY WIELEBINSKI & ASA SERESIN, transatlantic husbands

By Kuba Ryniewicz

FRANK REDIEß, dark room nocturne ft. Ficken 3000 boss

By Matt Lambert

MOUTHFUL, spit-swapping delight

By Chris Curreri

MARWAN KAABOUR, Levantine lad and sexting specialist

By Evan Moffitt and Daniel Riera

HOTSHOTS, studio fucking

By Paul Mpagi Sepuya

CONSTANCE DEBRÉ, best-selling dyke

By Andrew Pasquier and Raphaël Chatelain

PLAY, sublime foot fun

By Kuba Ryniewicz

JEAN-PIERRE BLANC, fashion phenom on naked island

By Gert Jonkers and Marc Turlan

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Distributed by Antenne Books

BUTT no. 34 is made with the work, ideas and support of: Ajamu X, Alexis Smiley Smith, Andrew Pasquier, Bruce LaBruce, Chris Curreri, Collier Schorr, Daniel Riera, Douglas Greenwood, Emil Cañita, Evan Moffitt, Felix Burrichter, Gert Jonkers, Hasan Halilov, Jessica Gysel, Jina Khayyer, Jop van Bennekom, Kuba Ryniewicz, Magnus Åkesson, Marc Turlan, Marcelo Krasilcic, Matt Lambert, Michael Bullock, Nathaniel Feldmann, Nuno Beijinho, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Raphaël Chatelain, Rogier Delfos, Tom Johnston, Wolfgang Tillmans and Zak Stone

With special thanks to Bottega Veneta