Hurt Me Plenty

Text by
Danny Calvi
Photography by
Robert Yang

Gaymers and spanking enthusiasts take note: indie game developer Robert Yang of Brooklyn, New York has created a spanking simulation game called ‘Hurt Me Plenty’. As you spank your virtual submissive, he grunts and moans with pleasure to a thumping techno soundtrack.

What makes Robert’s game so novel is the way he has built the idea of consent into the virtual play. Players can choose to have their submissive naked or clothed, and can choose the degree of punishment as well as a safe word. After exhausting my submissive, he told me I was too rough, ‘…But wow, that was fucking incredible. I can’t even walk’.

Robert Yang will discuss the making of his game, ‘Cheeky Designs: How to Make a Video Game about Spanking The Heck Out of a Dude’, at the NYU Game Innovation Lab tomorrow, 11 December 2014 from 7 P.M. at 5 Metrotech Center in Brooklyn, NY 11201. The game itself can be downloaded here.

Published on 10 December 2014