Silver Daddy Disgusted by Leaky Cumshot From Fat-Covered Penis

I met John. John knew me as Stu, my alias. John was a slow typer, which I liked. Also, like ninety nine percent of the men on the site, John was an older guy who had only recently come out. He told me he had a Jaguar which I think was meant to impress me. He had a beard and was the atypical daddy.

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We went to a house with a red door which he had bought for his daughter, though he himself had moved into it following his deciding to have sex with men. He quizzed me on what I wanted to do to him. I asked him to do me but he was not so into that idea. He suggested that I tie him up. I said, ‘Uh, no.’

Both of us under the covers completely naked, he remarked on my cold hands, nose and feet. He then sucked my dick for a while in between kissing me. His saliva was too warm and too thick. He changed tack, revealing a shaving bag full of lubrication, condoms and baby wipes. I then, for the first time, fucked a man. He lay on his torso, arms by his side. The words ‘beached whale’ passed my mind. I just pushed my dick against his hole until it went in. He told me it had not been used very much so was tight- whilst I just kept pushing. I was practically flaccid when I came. I pulled out and was surprisingly not completely disgusted with the bits of shit on the condom. I was however quite disgusted that he did not cum, but rather leaked. I was going to give him a blowjob. Due to this penile incontinence I opted for a hand job, biting his nipple and using my free hand to twist the other. His dick was not fun to look at. It was surrounded by fat, making it functionally smaller and very uncut.

Sometimes, like a lasting accusation, I smell his sweaty baby wipe odour.

Published on 13 September 2010