Sfire’d Up

Jeffrey Sfire and Samuel Long
Photography by
Alcuin Stevenson


After several years in Berlin, deejay slash song maker Jeffrey Sfire recently found himself back behind the wheel in the USA. Single and fancy-free, he's been getting out more and playing some of his favorite records (like a very dramatic Italo Disco set at 7 A.M. on New Year's Day in the company of so many bottoms and daddies in San Francisco). Visitors of this website might recall Jeffrey's 'Synare Jam' on the Butt Bias Mixtape. This week, he's sharing another slice of electrified paradise courtesy of our mutual friends at Cocktail d'Amore Music: an eight-minute new wave track, 'Sfire 2', with a killer snare drum and Jeffrey on vox.

‘Sfire 2’ by Sfire

when the time is right we’ll be here
when the time is right you’ll be here

wanna make you feel what i feel
show you what i mean to be real.

waiting in the dark for your closeness
first sign of you and i’m defenseless

it’s time to break away forget what they say
doesn’t have to be another cold day

when the time is right we’ll be here
everything tonight seems so clear

dancing puts my heart into motion
feel a part of you your devotion

wanna fill you up with emotions
wanna break you down with explosions

pull me close and i’m blinded by sunshine
been a part of me for such a short time

‘Sfire’ is available as a 12″ vinyl record from Phonica Records by the way. 

Published on 17 January 2014