Interview and photography by
Danny Calvi


I caught up with Bottoms — drummer Michael Prommasit, screamer Jake Dibeler, and knob twiddler Simon Leahy — in Amsterdam during their last Euro tour. For the next episode of Pillowtalk, we’re chilling with some of their fav dark wave and industrial slow jams, and previewing an exclusive Soft Pink Truth remix of their track ‘Boring’. This fall may be your last chance to see the wigged trio as the group was always ‘project based’, which is to say, she’s got a sell-by date and it’s fast-approaching. First up is Jake’s pick: ‘Dissolve’ by girl goths Switchblade Symphony.

Check out Bottoms, along with an entire sparkle army of drag queens, performance artists and musical acts, next weekend at the increasingly-hyped (for good reason) Bushwig in Brooklyn. Look for their remix EP in October.

Published on 04 September 2015