Photography by
Christopher Clary

Over at digital art wet spot Rhizome, Jersey-based artist Christopher Clary has uploaded a kind of desktop drama in the form of a collection of DILF-a-licious jpegs. The download, called ‘Sorry to Dump on You Like This’, is one of six works commissioned by Rhizome that invites the act of downloading, and uses the desktop as exhibition space.

Christopher provides some guidance on how to approach the 1,860 jpegs and their filenames: ‘If you sort the collection by ascending date, you can read the novella in chronological order’. And while image quality doesn’t seem to be a huge concern, it’s a treasure trove for lovers of hirsute men, and those who get off on a bit of word play.

Download directly here or via Chistopher’s website.

Published on 18 November 2015