Indie Rock Guitarist Relieves Incredible Horniness during Night at Berlin Sex Club

BERLIN, GERMANY — When my Abe Vigoda bandmates and I reach Berlin we are almost a month into tour and I haven’t been this horny in forever. It’s a mix of seeing a shitload of hot guys all over Europe and not being able to jack off daily that’s to blame for this hypersexual mood. Luckily, I have a gay friend in Berlin named Steve. He is pretty much one of the coolest guys I can think of. We both share a love of Dennis Cooper and he has impeccable taste in dance music. It also doesn’t hurt that he is really, really hot. He’s a lot taller than me, which doesn’t take much since I'm 5’7”. He’s a bit scruffy but pretty well built: broad shoulders, thick arms, long muscular legs and as I later find out, an amazing cock.

Text by
Juan Velasquez

Steve knows that I don’t want to go to a gay bar to chat with someone for an hour and then have to sort out how to get to his house and figure out how to rejoin my bandmates and head out to the next town in the morning. He suggests we go to Ficken 3000 which means Fucking 3000, a bar with a dark room in the basement. I wasn’t unfamiliar with the name, since I had developed a habit of Google Mapping the name of the venue we were playing and then doing a search for nearby gay bars and sex clubs prior to our arrival. We head over to the bar and get some beers. Right away there’s a table full of guys that Steve knows so we sit down. Everyone is chatting while my eyes are drifting away toward the stairs that lead to the dark room underneath. Other than Steven, his pals and a few other guys, no one is particularly attractive. Lots of older German guys at the bar chain smoking, a pretty amazing transgendered woman chatting with one of the only other guys I think is hot. The bartender isn’t bad either. The DJ is playing good house and disco, which seems to be the case in every bar in Berlin. I’m ready to bail on Steve and the guys and head down.

Downstairs is sort of what I imagined: glory holes, dark areas, a communal video j/o section, and peepholes. It’s almost completely silent and soon I see the shadows of what appear to be sex-starved zombies, myself included. After what seems an eternity circling the room I see a guy through the glare of the monitors in the video room. He’s pretty tall and super buff, which isn’t my type most of the time, but he looks real mean and has a tough beat up face that gets me hard right away. So I approach him and grab his cock through his jeans and he doesn’t turn away he just slides his hands down the back of my pants and starts playing with my asshole. We start making out and his breath is sort of rank, but in a good way, like he’s had too many beers or something. I pull his dick out and start jacking him off as I pull my pants down. He’s got a nice thick uncut cock… which I love because I don’t get enough of that in LA. He’s jacking me off and fingering my ass. He pulls out some lube and slides another finger in. He says, ‘You want me to fuck you?’ I ignore the question, and grab his ass, which is pretty hard and muscular. I play with his hole a bit as he continues to finger me hard and deep. I can’t hold it anymore and shoot all over the wall. Once I cum I realize that there has been a small crowd around us watching, including Steve. I play it off like I didn’t see him, but secretly am really turned on that he saw the whole thing happen.

I whisper to Steve that I’m going to go upstairs and take a little break. He says he’s going to hang out in the dark room for a bit. I run up have a beer then quickly go back into the darkroom. I am pretty curious to see what Steve’s gotten into. It doesn’t take much time before I spot him in the video room getting head. He has a giant, fat cock. I don’t think he realizes that I’m looking at him, so I start jacking off. Some dude comes up behind me and tries to grab my cock but I’m not really feeling it, and focus on Steve. I see him look my way and I shy away and go into an area of the dark room where I can’t see and feel my way around. I’m actually a bit freaked out but also so fucked up from drinking all night that I welcome hands groping me as I jack off. I can see the outline of this dude that I think I saw upstairs so I grab his cock and jack myself off until I cum.

I zip up, go upstairs and see Steve sitting alone at a booth looking a bit tired. We decide to leave and walk for about fifteen minutes to his apartment in Kreuzberg. We stumble up the four flights of stairs to the top floor of his building and go into his room. We haven’t talked much since entering his apartment. He turns the light on in his bedroom and we get into our underwear. He’s wearing slightly loose fitting white briefs and I can see his thick cock swaying as he walks towards his bed, I follow him and glance at his ass as he tucks himself in. I’m pretty fucking tired from cumming twice, plus the walk, and it’s about 5 a.m. at this point anyway. I lay in his bed and he wraps his arms around me. It’s a bit of a shock. I think this whole time I thought he felt very platonic toward me. I push my ass onto his crotch and grab his hand as he feels around my belly. I can feel his cock and it’s totally hard. I grab it and start to play with it. We both take off our underwear and he’s grinding on my ass. I turn around. We make out for a while then I mount him and he starts playing with my hole. I’m stroking on top of him then lower myself and start to suck his cock. He lifts me back up to feel my ass, jerking himself off at the same time. He sticks his tongue in my mouth and cums. I flip back onto my side and jack off with his legs intertwined with mine. Then we both pass out. All I could think about the next morning was, I wish we could have just fucked all night and not even gone to Ficken… I left Berlin with a little bit of longing for Steve but I had to get in the van and head to Hamburg for the next show.

Published on 29 November 2010