Straight Boy Gets His Cock Sucked by Gay College Co-ED and Cries

SAN FRANCISCO, U.S.A. — During my freshman year of college, I lived in the dorms with an 18-year-old drug addict whose saving grace was his striking resemblance to James Franco. In observing his life for nine months, I deduced that he spent half of his time drinking and the other half, unconscious. When he actually was awake, he liked to play SEGA on ecstasy at three in the afternoon, eat my food, and steal my 'for recreational use only' coke while I slept.

Text by
Ryan O'Connell

But even though he was a pain to live with, that pain would subside for the brief moments he would undress in our room and he would reveal his taut tan body. He was a little scrawny but he had a smooth beautiful chest and an effortlessly flat stomach. When he got naked in our shoebox of a room, all of his asinine comments and issues with drugs would float away and I would be left with a throbbing hard-on. As a college freshman, I was intrigued by the idea of seducing so-called straight men. They were the ideal conquest: emotionally and physically unavailable. But hooking up with my roommate seemed like an implausible porn fantasy so I put the dream in my spank bank and moved on.

It was during our last week in the dorms and my roommate had stumbled into our room slightly drunk. He plopped down on his computer chair, bemoaning the fact that a girl had just rejected him. ‘She totally blue-balled me and now I’m so horny!’ He whined, pushing his brown wispy hair back.

I robotically offered my condolences and then something came over me. I’m not sure if it was the sight of his full pouty lips but something implored me to say, ‘You can watch porn and jack-off at your computer if you want.’ I was shocked by my forwardness. It was clear that months of horniness had caught up with me and I was now possessed by the desire to suck his cock. My roommate was taken aback as well. He shuffled in his chair uncomfortably and laughed nervously. Him: ‘Naw dude, that’s okay.’ Me: ‘No really. I don’t care.’

Although I was doubtful before, I quickly realized that I actually had a good chance of hooking up with him. He was passive and dumb which, in my experience, are two essential traits to have in moments of sexual experimentation. And even though we had a contentious relationship, I knew that my roommate was dreadfully insecure. He liked being treated as a sex object and liked to please everyone around him, including me.

After a brief silence, he relented to my suggestion and said in a sexier voice, ‘OK dude. Just uh…don’t look.’ He started masturbating to this stupid straight porn, moaning a little and I began to rub myself over my jeans. After a few moments, I said the thing that sealed the porn-fantasy deal: ‘Do you need some help over there?’

I could see his face begin to change. His eyes became hungrier, his mouth slightly agape, his breathing intensified. I knew that he wanted his dick sucked good and I was more than happy to oblige.  ‘Okay, come over here.’ He said in this breathy voice. And with that, life began to imitate porn. I went over and instinctively started to suck his cock. It was medium-sized but thick. As I sucked on it, he began to moan in serious pleasure and say shit like, ‘It’s big, isn’t it?’ I licked his balls, and slid my tongue down his dick. I went to town on it, bobbing my head ferociously up and down. He began to whimper and push my head further down. His body began to shake a little out of nervousness, which turned me on even more. I felt like I had temporarily left my body and entered a dream state. Touching the body that I had craved for the past year was surreal. I placed my hand on the head of his cock and began rubbing feverishly while cupping his balls. I sensed his posture changing and knew he was about to cum. I began to jack him off faster until he erupted all over himself.

After I finished him off, I couldn’t help but feel an immense amount of pride. My fantasy had been fulfilled. Unfortunately, my roommate felt differently. When the orgasm faded, I saw his expression change from pure pleasure to absolute terror. He immediately began to cry, which, to this day, is the oddest reaction I’ve ever gotten from someone after giving them head. He made me promise that I wouldn’t tell anyone, a promise that I obviously didn’t keep. Although I sympathized with him, I also felt like he was just a straight boy looking to get off, not some sexually confused tormented soul. Admittedly, I had been a bit predatory and manipulative in pursuing him but our encounter had benefited the both of us. When all was said and done, he received a fantastic blowjob and I got bragging rights.

Epilogue: After not speaking for a few years, my roommate and I met up again recently at my apartment in New York. After consuming three bottles of wine, he brought up our night together and asked if we could it again.  I impulsively said yes and we started to awkwardly make out — something we had never done before and he took off his pants. After a passionless make out session, he pushed my hand on his hard cock, and directed my face downward. But this time around, I was in no mood to suck a guy off who was only interested in feeling wanted. I had started to feel used. That’s when I realized that my own fantasy had backfired on me and it was time to get back to reality — a place where I hook-up with actual gay men and leave the straight boy porn fantasies on my computer where they belong.

Published on 28 May 2010