Alexander Geist

Interview by
Tom Masters
Photography by
Christina Sunbeam


27-year-old Liverpudlian singer Alexander Geist has already been compared to Marc Almond in a short but startling career that has made him a cult hit in much of Europe’s underground. He launches his first 7-inch single, 'Bad Language', on the Haute Areal label tonight in his new home Berlin. We got our dirty fingers on the track which is streaming in the BUTT player. A quick scroll down past our little chat reveals another treat: fellow Berliner TUSK's remix of said track for your exclusive downloading pleasure.

Before he re-invented himself as a singer, Alexander was known for his series of one man shows in the London theater scene and even found work as a stripper in NYC. I caught up with the effete anti-hero in his Kreuzberg boudoir.

Tom: You’ve been based in Berlin for the past year-and-a-half… How does sex with Berliners compare to sex with Londoners?
Alexander: I am not a nationalist, I prefer the Germans. I like the culture of nonchalant nudity in Germany and the hot dads with big cocks at the swimming pool or the lake. And they’re all uncut too, which I am in favor of after my sojourn in the US, where foreskin is like a flower in the desert.
You’ve been setting sex clubs and dive bars here alight for at least a-year-and-a-half already… What took you so long to release your record?
Well these things take time, lover. I’ve been playing all over Europe with the band, and we’ve been focused on developing a really great live show. The record industry is going through a gruesome metamorphosis whereas playing live is going from strength to strength, since you can’t download a live experience, yet.
What was the most erotic moment on your European tour?
I guess it was meeting a Bulgarian boy in Zagreb who wanted to do it with a dude for the very first time. He was so shy, sweet and hung, but very concerned about getting glitter on his butt, lest his girlfriend get suspicious.
That does sound hot. What is your view of ginger on ginger action? A red-haired friend of mine contends they mutually repel each other.
I love redheads! I love doing the double ginge, of course. I have great pride in being a russet freak of nature. Trannies, redheads and skateboarders are my three favorite things.
Have you ever managed to find all three combined in one sublime being?
No, but as Meatloaf once sang: ‘Now don’t be sad/’Cause two outta three ain’t bad’…
Maybe tonight you hit the jackpot. What can people expect from your show?
A lot more than they deserve… Ten of the most beautifully crafted pop songs of the last ten years played live. People should come and enjoy us in that brief, but magical window before Madonna starts wearing two piece suits, dying her hair red, calling everyone lover, and releases a single called ‘Profane Talking’.
I read a review of your show in the ‘Berliner Zeitung’ that described you as ‘much loved for his erotic bad moods’… What does that actually mean?
It’s a bizarre sentence, isn’t it? You should see it in German! Maybe it’s a reference to my allegedly awful temper and my total inability to recognise when it is inappropriate to flirt. In Paris, somebody once told me about our show, ‘I didn’t know if you wanted to kill us or fuck us’, to which I answered, ‘Both’.

Alexander Geist is performing tonight, Friday 18 May at 11 PM at HCB, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 9, in Berlin. ‘Bad Language’ was produced by Joey Hansom

Published on 18 May 2012