Colin Self
Photography by
Xavier Juarez


27-year-old singer — and possible lovechild of Klaus Nomi and Laurie Anderson — Colin Self delves into full-on fantasy mode with this track from his luscious debut USB album, Elation. ‘Aflame’ sees Colin projecting beams of woozy Mamas & Papas-esque vocal harmonies, which are then subjected to a rigid chopping and muting.

Fans of queer performance in NYC already know Colin’s unique vocal approach. This year, his vox are reaching more ears than ever with a cameo on Holly Herndon’s first record for 4AD. Roddy Bottum cast him as Bigfoot’s love interest, Faye, for his Sasquatch opera. Collaboration is Colin’s middle name on Elation, which features input from performer David Serotte and Teengirl Fantasy clapper/producer Nick Weiss among others.

Colin himself is a hardcore listener who loves checking out a new release by saving up his mp3s for an uninterrupted stroll through the city or countryside. He’s come up with a novel way to launch Elation in Brooklyn tonight: mapping out a walk for fellow active listeners to navigate while previewing the hour-long collection.


Close and careful
On the plain,
Near a mountain,
I rise, my bow aflame

There my vision,
through strong it can’t explain

We must travel
Seek that which remains

On the day…
In time I…
Will find I…
Will keep to…
Will speak to…
You and I…
(On the day…)

Colin Self’s free ‘Elation’ walk begins tonight, 3 June 2015 from 7 P.M. at 1267 Atlantic Ave #2L, and ends at Secret Project Robot at 389 Melrose Street in Brooklyn, New York for a reception, which goes from 8 P.M. until midnight. More info about the walk and USB can be found on his website.

Published on 03 June 2015