The Jumper

Interview by
Felix Burrichter
Photography by
Morgan Tepsic

20-year-old Morgan Tepsic from Oklahoma City has made a habit of taking pictures of himself jumping around naked wherever he goes (how he always manages to artfully obscure his manhood is beyond us). Most of his pictures are taken near his hometown, or somewhere in the Mid-West like Colorado and Texas. But as of next Monday, May 24, 2010, Morgan is setting out to streak around all over Asia and Europe, including Japan, Korea, Laos, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and Romania. I caught up with him before he sets off for his yearlong adventure.

Felix: When did you take your first jumping nude?
Morgan: I took it a couple days after Christmas of 2009… there was a huge snowstorm that hit Oklahoma. The power was out at my place, I was out of weed and I had just bought a new camera and I really wanted to go shooting. So I began getting naked in the middle of usually busy streets that had become barren due to the snow. I then moved to abandoned buildings and whatnot. I was really into urban exploration and dug the excitement of possibly being stabbed by a homeless guy…then about a month of shooting in abandoned factories and whatnot, I became completely burnt out. Right now I’m focusing on nature, I love being in the middle of nowhere…I feel less paranoid about the cops being called on me. I can be naked for up to a full hour and let my balls fall free in the sky…feels great.
How do you set up your shoots? Are you by yourself, or do you have people help you?
Now I usually have a team of one or two friends who will help with clearing a location, scouting if any authorities are nearby. I’ll set up my camera on the tripod, fire some test shots to get a good angle, then have my friend turn on the remote that snaps my nakedness. I’ll get undressed, jump around about 20 times, put my pants back on, check to see if I got the shot, and then try and try again, and then eventually pack up and leave.
You seem remarkably hairless. Do you do a total body shave or is it all-natural?
I do trim my pubic-hair but the rest is naturally bare.
What was the craziest shoot you ever did?
It’s probably a lame one for now, but it definitely scared the shit outta me then… After the whole health care reform bullshit was going on, my entire state was hanging up signs protesting healthcare reform, having fucking tea party rallies, and I just wanted to streak across the lawn of my state capital and give a personal ‘fuck you’ by flipping them off. Security is real fucking tight there, so I had a getaway car and everything, the whole shoot lasted about 15 seconds.
Are you turned on when you shoot yourself?
At first when I started doing these in the wintertime, I loved the rush I got from running in the snow completely naked. Now that the weather is getting warmer for me, it’s not the same exact feeling. But I definitely get turned on sexually when jumping naked, especially when people are there helping out and creating a nice vibe.
What else turns you on?
Taking pictures in the bedroom; I also love having sex in public places. My favorite was a bathhouse in Seoul, Korea. And I really love dirty talk — I love imagining things whenever someone talks to me vividly what they want to do to me…I come twice as hard whenever someone fucks me with words first and then later a tight wet hole… mmmh, fucking on trains is also great, I can’t get enough of it. Going 200+ mph on a high-speed rail always gives me a nice hard-on. And my favorite sexual practice is rope — one of my favorite photographers, Nobuyoshi Araki, introduced me to the world of tying people up and, honestly, nothing turns me on more than being tied up or tying someone else.
So tell me about your upcoming Asian adventure. What exactly are your plans?
First I’m headed to South Korea to continue this whole nude project. I’ll be touring all over Asia and Europe in search for the perfect nude shots…and then, after about a year, I want to have an exhibition of my travels. Current places I’m excited about traveling to are Laos, Japan, Romania, and a shitty love motel to be hosed over with wetness in Seoul. If anybody has any recommendations I’d love to hear them.
If you would like to support Morgan’s travel adventure, click here. Should you have tips for him, perhaps where he ought to drop his pants near your hometown, just email him at

Published on 20 May 2010