The X in Texas

Photography by
Mike McLeod

Mike McLeod is hellbent on photographing every video arcade and sex cinema in the U.S.A., but Texas was such a hotspot for him, he decided to document his trip in a new zine, ‘Texas Porno Road Trip’. On the two-week, thousand-mile spree, he photographed his pitstops in Amarillo, Lubbock, Post, Abilene, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Cruising for sex is quick and uncomplicated in Texas — the men Mike encountered, at least, meant business. Such as one six-foot, eight-inch tall, super-hairy hunk of beef Mike met in Austin: ‘He was so big, when he put put his arm around my shoulder, my face would be in his armpit and his finger up my butt… He also had a gigantic moustache’.

This year, Mike will photograph more landmark sex cinemas in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington. Got a tip for him?

Mike and his latest zine, ‘Texas Porno Road Trip’, will be available at the L.A. Art Book Fair this weekend. More info about his photography can be found on his website.