Photography by
Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Corsican Pierre-Ange Carlotti met this bi-curious 24-hour-party person at a music festival in Paris, and was immediately focused on his hairy neck. It’s like Pierre-Ange to carry a camera around and document all things sweaty and sexy. His new exhibition ‘Bored and Naked’ is a collection of photos, which are perfectly suited for the sultry summer buzz of the city.

Pierre-Ange adores summer in Paris: ‘My favorite thing to do when the weather is good, is to sit for the whole evening on a bench — always the same one — on the Rue des Archives in the Marais. Nobody sits there, but everyone is passing by’.

Doesn’t he miss island life on Corsica? Naturally, he goes back every summer to work on his tanlines. Plus, it’s trés French to keep the same holiday spot every year. And what of the Corsican men? ‘No man there is comfortable with his butt. If you go on Grindr, you will chat with Italian guys. You must bring a sexy boyfriend with you, otherwise you’re a wanker’.

Pierre-Ange Carlotti’s exhibition ‘Bored and Naked’ runs through 26 July 2014 at Antonine Catzeflis at 23 Rue Saint-Roch in Paris. Check it out this weekend before it’s gone.

Published on 16 July 2014