Stud Farm

Photography by
Dave Butt

The breedy Oxfordshire countryside just does something for the hot to trot fellas showing off in the portraiture of Dave Butt, the British photographer with a cheeky last name. It’s been quite the muggy summer in Dave’s village of Banbury, and he hopes the weather remains kind because he rather fancies shooting blokes out of doors.

There seems to be no stopping Dave, who at the age of fifty-five, is having a go at publishing his own photo books (‘Ladz in Bootz’ is a current top-seller), calendars, and postcards. In June, his website had exactly 4,313 visitors (the most it’s had since the 2010 launch). Dave says that if every visitor purchased just one item, he would be ecstatically happy and give up his day job as a bookkeeper.

Published on 15 August 2014