Text by
Danny Calvi
Photography by
Michael Max McLeod

Mike, 39, is sort of a late bloomer when it comes to photography. The self-taught web designer — whose previous job was at Playboy — only completed his bachelor's degree in photography last year... And why not? Through his DIY publishing arm, Goodbye Ranch, he's been putting out the stripped-down eight-page 'Casual Encounters' zine for almost a year now from his Phoenix, Arizona headquarters.

Spndxboi, who appears in ‘Casual Encounters’ number three, came to Arizona from New York City where he was a regular in a scene of spandex fetishists. You know, the dudes who dress up as wrestlers and cyclists, or their favorite superhero — those who love the tactile second skin the fabric simulates. It’s also quite the look, one popularized by one of our favorite pornographic actors, Peter Berlin.

BUTT’s not done with Mike yet, look for more photos and a friendly chat next week.

Published on 01 June 2012