Six Feet and Nine Inches


Alex is a 37-year-old artist who hails from the mountains of South Carolina. He loves his awesome dog Pete, Brian Eno, bird watching, and hairy asses. He also loves ribs, but because he thinks pigs are so damn cute and smart, he only dreams about eating them. Alex measures an impressive six feet nine inches (for those that don’t understand imperial: about 206 cm) and wears a size 16 shoe (European 50). Because of his stature, shopping for clothes can be a bummer and it bores him when guys fetishize him for his height alone, but he says that that when it comes to sex, his tallness is usually a big plus. The size difference with a short guy can be just as fun for Alex as those rare times when he finds a fellow giant to get down with. But before you start swooning, or asking him to grab something off of the top shelf (that bores him too), Alex is very much in love with Philip, his shorter boyfriend (6’6’’, or 202 cm) of four years. Above it’s Alex in all his glory, photographed in the shower… by himself.

Published on 03 March 2010