Sex in Public Places

Text by
Danny Calvi

Does public sex matter? That's the question Carlos Motta and Joshua Lubin-Levy put to a group of artists and writers when putting together an 'atlas of queer affection' of New York City called Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public. Their investigation yielded a collection of fascinating drawings — all of them done from memory — and writings, which together form a very subjective take on the act of cruising. BUTT made a mini-selection of some of the drawings.

Just like architectural blueprints, the drawings are reproduced in blue ink. All drawings were made for Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public and reproduced here courtesy of the respective artists and Forever & Today, Inc. More about the book, its related performances and a ‘sketchy walk’ (in which participants will be taken to some historic and still-active cruising spots throughout Chinatown and the Lower East Side) here.

Published on 30 September 2011