Photography by
Amer Mohamad

Photographer Amer and model Seth hiked through dense tropical rainforest to make this shot in Kepong, Malaysia. Mind you, exposing oneself in public in the Southeast Asian country is strickly forbidden, not to mention publishing such images — it’s illegal to sell or possess pornography (although ironically, watching porn online is no problem).

According to Amer, ‘In Malaysian magazines, you’re not even allowed to show arm pits or knees, so imagine trying to shoot a fully naked guy outdoors’.

Despite the government’s anti-gay stance, Malay gay bars and clubs seem to thrive, catering to a mixed clientele including Malaysians, Chinese, and South Asians as well as Arab and Western tourists. Amer reports, ‘People see Asian gays as cute and short and slim, but what I’ve seen in Kuala Lumpur was just the opposite: mostly they were very musclar and fit, and some were quite tall’.

Published on 02 March 2015