Rainbow Skate

Text by
Justin Kelly

‘Rainbow Skate’ is held every Wednesday night at the Redwood Roller Rink in Redwood City, just twenty minutes south of San Francisco. It’s hosted ‘primarily, but not exclusively, for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Communities.’ If you’re in town please don’t confuse this night with ‘contemporary Christian music’ night on Tuesdays. The first Rainbow Skate of the month is eighties night, while the last is underwear night. Some friends and I attended April’s underwear night and skated to the likes of Abba and Britney, and of course Ru Paul’s new single “Covergirl” because God only knows we haven’t heard that song enough on his drag queen reality show. (I’m not gonna lie though, I screamed when it came on, although I was confused as to why BeBe’s rap wasn’t in the mix as promised on the show’s season finale. That pissed me off.)

The scene at Rainbow Skate draws lots of fags who own their own skates and know how to do triple axels and shit like that. One couple attempted to roller dance as though they were Oksana Domnina and her partner (I grew up watching ice-dancing competitions with my mother), while two of my friends reluctantly stepped into the rink and clung onto the side rail with a vengeance. And to think, I thought we all grew up going to rollerskating rinks every weekend in junior high school with dreams of graduating to ice skating and eventually ice dancing. Anyway, this one guy wore a black one-piece, long underwear style but really slutty, and although he was an excellent skater sporting a faggy mustache I think he came with his girlfriend/date, which is really annoying, although maybe he’s bi.

An hour before closing they select raffle winners (your admittance ticket doubles as a raffle ticket), the first prize being movie tickets, the second Rainbow Skate tickets and the third gay porn. I suggested that the winner of the gay porn host an after party but he wasn’t into it. Maybe this venue attracts prudes because last time I went to Rainbow Skate (for my birthday party) a large group of friends and I dressed as high-school goths and the date I brought refused to make out with me in the bathroom. I mean really, when you’re both wearing black lipstick and upside-down crosses on your forehead how could you NOT makeout in the bathroom of a rollerskating rink? Prude. On top of that the owner of the rink yelled at us for bringing in cupcakes (‘outside food’), sitting on the tables, and trying to have fun, basically. Little did she know we were shot-gunning beers in the bathroom. That’ll show her.

Published on 20 May 2009