Pancake Pond

Drawing by
Fernando Madera

This weekend, 28-year-old Mexican artist Fernando Madera exhibits a selection of naturist drawings in ‘Precious Paperworks and Dirty Little Drawings’ at Galerie Mooiman in Groningen, The Netherlands. Fernando sent some sketches from one of his daytrips to a nudist swimming hole near the German-Holland border. The not-quite-lake-size body of water, known as the ‘Pannekoekenplas’ in Dutch, is just a twenty minute cycling trip from Fernando’s home in Enschede.

Fernando caught our eye way back in 2007 when he submitted another naked sunbathing drawing (subsequently published in BUTT No. 21). Back then, he was finishing off his bachelors degree in Montreal, and beginning an ongoing flirtation with Dutch Bel Ami photographer Benno. Since then he’s been ‘pretty much imported’ by Benno, and if you’re wondering, no they don’t tend to go to Pancake Pond together.

‘If I am going to draw there, I go alone with the easel’.

Does he miss Mexico? Of course he does! Especially la comida: ‘I miss tacos, gorditas and enchiladas. But what can I do about it?’ The show runs from this Sunday, 29 January through 25 March. For more info on the exhibition, click here.

Published on 27 January 2012