Mr. 2000

We’re celebrating the 2000th entry on BUTT’s online community, the BUTTHEADS. On October 18, 2008, at 5:37pm CET, the super handsome Bill Joure from Chicago sent us a bunch of face-and-ass pictures. Here’s one of them – and a very inviting image it is!
Bill manages a high-end furniture showroom in Chicago. Before taking the train to work in the morning he likes to take a long walk with his dog. Bill also loves running. He has a route of about six and half miles, which he runs a couple of times a week. He says it clears his head, but it has also been good for his butt. To stay in shape, Bill lifts weights a couple of days a week as well, but he isn’t too much into that. Over the last couple of months Bill has spent a lot of his free time building an iTunes library of music, TV shows, movies and homemade gay porn. He meets guys online who trade home videos. Bill likes watching authentic guys getting off and enjoys making videos in return doing things the guys ask for. It’s sexy. Sometimes Bill watches them on his iPod on the train to work, pressed up against guys he wouldn’t mind getting it on with. Bill also likes to drink whiskey and loves chocolate and peanut butter, too.

Originally published in BUTT 25