Text by
Danny Calvi
Photography by
Jamie Marsh

Yet another recommendation in London! And why not? This year, the talented Antony Hegarty curated the Meltdown festival which includes so many fantastic homosexuals and BUTT favs, we hardly know where to begin.

You’ve got Sissy Nobby bringing his New Orleans bounce to the stage, Andy Butler and his fabulous Hercules & Love Affair doing their thing, Tenderloin with the outrageous Vaginal Davis plus Joel Gibb on drums, as well as homosexual pop royalty Boy George and Marc Almond. By now, you’ve sadly missed psychadelic duo Cyclobe and synth punk duo Light Asylum.

Maybe I’m most psyched for Matmos, in the mix with some new jams from the forthcoming ‘Ganzfeld’ EP and subsequent ‘The Marriage of True Minds’ LP. For the last four years or so, they’ve been going to great lengths to record their new sounds in a Baltimore basement studio under the spooky influence of some telepathic experiments.

All things Meldown can be found hereMatmos performs at Queen Elizabeth Hall (with Off Love) tonight Monday, 6 August at 7:30 PM.

Published on 06 August 2012