Life Drawing Class

Drawing by
Sebastian De Gre

18-year-old Sebastian, who considers himself a 'blossoming pervert', submitted some drawings from the life drawing class he recently took at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It's the kind of art school where a performance art student once fucked himself with the horn of the school's rhino mascot.

It was a night class so many of my classmates were older men coming from work, as well as a few housewives. Drawing was a serious hobby for them, they wore gloves. They would also put their easels as far from the model as possible. I was always the closest. We would critique each other’s work.

One night the instructor told us to draw a detail of the last drawing we’d made. The last drawing I’d done was of the model’s crotch, and it looked obscene amongst the rest of the class’s work. Some in that class thought I had a perverse motivation, but no one dared to call me out. I only drew asses, cocks, tits and lips.

Published on 21 December 2011