Leftover Beauties

Photography by
Walter Pfeiffer

Recycling leftovers is sort of a hobby for photographer Walter Pfeiffer. He says as much in the introduction to his new art book, ‘Scrapbooks 1969-1985’. For the occasion of the book’s launch, we dipped into the archive and found some amazing leftovers from his ‘Super Beauties’ series from¬†BUTT 14.

The scrapbooks, which Walter began putting together in 1971, feature many of his playful photos and early self-portraits mixed in with ephemera that caught his eye at the time. Stuff like: torn out pages from underwear catalogs and porn magazines, personal memos, discarded candy bar wrappers, newspaper clippings, photo booth strips, etc.

As Walter says, ‘Before the computer took over, graphic art consisted mostly of pasting’. The book is a fascinating peek into the cut-and-paste visual diary of one of BUTT’s most beloved contributors, and a must-have for followers of his gorgeous work.

Walter will be at Donlon Books in London this Thursday, 25 October from 7 P.M. until 9:30 P.M. for the launch of his revealing new book, ‘Scrapbooks 1969-1985’, from Edition Patrick Frey.

Published on 24 October 2012