Text by
Danny Calvi
Photography by
Paola Revenioti

BUTT loves an archive, especially when it features the life’s work of publisher slash transvestite prostitute Paola Revenioti. For the legendary photographer’s first solo exhibition, curator Andreas Angelidakis has carefully selected and displayed some of the juiciest bits from her documentation of the Athenian underworld, including several issues of her politically-charged magazine, Kraximo.

Revenioti began publishing her trans-anarchist fanzine under the name Kraximo, Greek for ‘gay bashing’, in the early ’80s. The pink ‘maga-paper’, as Paola called it, was ‘funded by blowjobs’, and donations from the Greek intelligentsia. Back then, publishing an interview with Félix Guattari alongside little chats with rough trade and street walkers was unheard of — it still is for the most part.

Andreas discovered Kraximo as a teenager and attended pride parties organized by Revenioti in the early ’90s. Back when the first Greek pride festivals we’re staged in cruise parks. What else made Paola’s outings so special? Andreas says: ‘The crowd was a mix of queers, trannies, punks and anarchists — sexy and political at the same time’.

‘Paola’ runs from 17 January to 16 February 2013 at The Breeder in Athens, Greece. Their website has more info.

Published on 18 January 2013