Photography by
Pierre-Ange Carlotti

23-year-old Igor Dewe lives in the raunchy Quartier Pigalle and sometimes finds himself wandering into one of the many sex cinemas in that particular district of Paris. Igor has an intense sex drive, pulsion sexuelle: ‘My mind is not controlling my body anymore’.

He encounters a lot of so-called ‘straight’ guys around Pigalle, cruising around after work. ‘I can feel in their eyes and their breath the same pulsion…’ At the Sexodrome, Pierre and Igor met some ‘super beautiful’ arab men that they proceeded to masturbate, one by one. All the cabins have holes knocked through so you can watch guys jerk off or join in.

Igor sincerely hopes his favorite sex cinema never closes. It’s one of the only ones left. The other is called l’Atlas, just next to the McDonald’s at the Pigalle metro station. You can’t miss it.

Published on 01 April 2013