Happy New Year

Photography by
Ilan Wainstein

Hello and welcome to 2011!! We hope you found a great way to celebrate the new year. And perhaps you even woke up to a similar scene like the one above, as witnessed by BUTT reporter Ilan Wainstein in London recently. This is what he had to say:

“When the Joiners Arms shut its doors at 4 a.m. I invited all the boys back to my house. There were ten of us hanging out during that night but only six of them fancied the after party; perhaps my suggestion of some naughty fun may have discouraged the others. I was staying for two months at my friend’s Steven’s flat in a very dodgy council estate in Whitechapel. Once we got there the only guy I didn’t really fancy passed out in somebody’s room, so I thanked the Lord and was the first to drop to my underwear. But I was so drunk that I just spooned Vincent and we slept so deeply that I heard nothing from the other three who were fucking in the same bed next to us. Vincent was a hot French-Canadian boy who was backpacking in Europe. We met through couchsurfing.com. He had a super fit body, tanned skin, light blue eyes, and a naïve but very beautiful smile. I quite enjoyed falling asleep since Vincent was a lovely guy to snuggle with. Besides, one of the three was my best friend, so it would have been really odd having sex with him, or even seeing him having sex. When I woke up the next morning, desperate for water and a pee, I noticed how lovely this scene was – all five of us together in one bed, so I just had to take a picture with my phone. Of course nobody could sleep well squeezed together, with Vincent snoring like a pig. My best friend eventually took off with Louis leaving me to enjoy a nice threesome afterwards.”

Published on 04 January 2011