Gay House

Photography by
Davy Pittoors

Each morning when Davy leaves his boyfriend’s flat in Newington Green in north London, he has to chuckle at the sight of the Gay House. He likes to imagine the people living there as ‘a mix of aging East End Brits and hot scallies wearing Nike.’

Davy’s Flemish and grew up in a village called Duffel near Antwerp, Belgium. He moved to London when he was eighteen and decided to stay. He loves the diversity of men here, and finds Londoners to be wonderfully outspoken and flamboyant. ‘On the other hand,’ Davy says, ‘a lot of guys here can be scattered and flaky, which makes building relationships rather difficult.’

Does he ever get homesick? ‘I do miss the nature, the food and my old house… Being in a crowded city all the time can get quite tedious.’

Published on 14 March 2012