Foam Party

Interview by
Danny Calvi
Photography by
Devin Blair

45-year-old naturist David in London got in touch over the summer to offer himself as a model — he's very handsome and well hung — and let us know about his naked dance night, Nudity, which he does with his best mate, Paul. When we heard they were doing a foam party, we immediately sent BUTT photographer Devin Blair down to Vauxhall for his own atmospheric take on the club night.

David has no qualms whatsoever stripping down and covering himself head-to-toe in luxurious foam. But not everyone is so carefree when it comes to getting naked in public, especially when there’s that random element of foam involved. Some are outright paranoid. We got in touch and got some assurances…

Danny: What is it about the foam men are so attracted to?
David: Maybe it’s remembering what fun it was to play in a bubble bath when you were a child and then multiply that feeling again and again with great music and your mates. Or maybe it’s just the chance just to see hundreds of sexy naked guys covered in foam.
What about the foam itself… What is it made of?
The foam is an aqueous solution of surfactants, fluidizers and foam stabilizers. We add water at a ratio of 100 to 1 to make up the solution that is then used in the foam cannon.
I’ve heard about people breaking out in rashes after attending foam parties with dodgy foam. Is your foam hypoallergenic?
Yes, it is. But as with any soap or bubble bath type foam, if it gets in your eyes then we do recommend a quick eye wash. We have a couple of eye wash stations in the club, just in case.
Does it have a scent?
The foam we use doesn’t have any scent but you can get an A to Z — actually an A to V— of scent ‘flavors’ for the foam such as Almonds, Amaretto, Apple, Banana, Blackcurrant, Bubble Gum, Cake Shop, Candy Floss, Christmas Pudding, all the way to Tangerine, Watermelon, Whisky and Vanilla.
Wow! Whiskey flavored foam sounds interesting… Any words of caution for people drinking and foaming?
No, just drink responsibly and, whatever you do, don’t eat the foam.

The next Big Naked Saturday Foam Party is on 20 October 2012 from 10 P.M. until late at Union 2, 66 Goding Street, SE11 5AW in Vauxhall, London. For more information visit their website.

Published on 03 September 2012