First Timer

Photography by

Filip from the Czech Republic sent us this yummy picture of a cock along with the story of how he got the shot.

‘It happened on a sunny day on an afternoon visit to San Francisco’s cruisey Buena Vista Park, where I had just relocated. I was learning how to use my new camera. My interest was purely professional. One of the guys who was cruising stopped by and asked me if I would like to suck his cock. Although he was a pretty hot jock with a baseball cap, I refused. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. I refused again, and explained that I was just taking pictures and learning how to use my camera (with a smile on my face, because his cock was just as hot and juicy as him). I could hear seniors walking their dogs and kids playing with their parents nearby. The evil me wanted to suck it, but the good me stopped me from doing it. Hearing kids and dogs kind of disturbed me. So I asked my sweet encounter if I could take a picture of his cock.

He asked me if I was a photographer, because he didn’t trust me and thought it might just be part of my game – pretending to be a photographer while sucking cocks in the park. I said I was hopefully becoming one. He said I might be interested in the fact that when he lived in New York in the early 1980’s Andy Warhol took a picture of his cock and put it in his book about penises. Then he let me take the picture. I didn’t ask his name, or the name of the book.’

Published on 25 November 2008