Daytrip to Glasgow

Photography by
Colin Quinn

A few weeks ago, Michael and Colin set off with a flask of coffee and a whole lot of chocolate (Snickers, Daim and Ritter Sport bars) on an early morning National Express coach from Manchester to Glasgow. It was a five-hour journey and Colin gets particularly anxious on coaches. They had been planning their visit to the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition at The Common Guild for weeks.

After the exhibition, they ended up in The Pipeworks sauna, which appears to be an abandoned building from the outside and reeks of piss, but inside it’s probably the swankiest sauna they’d ever been to. It was a Monday night, so there were fewer than four other guys there. Mostly, they stayed in the enormous jacuzzi, that is, until they could feel the chlorine eating away at their fingers and toes.

The TV above the jacuzzi was showing an episode of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’. This episode was about pilar cysts and testicular cancer. Michael and Colin found this to be the ideal time to check for any tell-tale lumps, and began examining each other. ‘There was only one other guy in the water, I’m sure he was doing the same’, says Colin.

The exhibition, which is spread out over two floors in a grand Victorian townhouse just West of the city center, runs until 23 June. It features an important group of works acquired by the Arts Council Collection alongside a number of new works selected by the artist.

The Pipeworks Health and Leisure Club is open every day with ‘Buddy Day’ every Tuesday with two-for-one entry.

Published on 16 May 2012