Photography by
Benjamin Alexander Huseby

Don’t call it a jockstrap! Not available in any store, the jet-black Buttstrap is the result of a collaboration between BUTT and Adidas Originals. We gave it out to guests at last month’s House of BUTT party in Berlin, but there are a few left over so we thought we’d share the love.

The Buttstrap is a favorite of the bottom. Perfectly formed for the passive man (and the men who love them), those two straps seem to frame a hungry availability. And yet, the Buttstrap is curiously un-camp. There’s no mistaking the implicit maleness of the Buttstrap. It’s hot, not because of any ulterior association, but because it cannot help pack heat.

Made in the U.S. and Germany from a polyester, spandex and latex blend with the Buttstrap logo silkscreened in pink on the back and an Adidas trefoil logo on the front. The Buttstrap is machine washable and summer line dryable.

Update: Sorry, they’re all gone!

Published on 17 July 2013