Butt Calendar 2014

Text by
Danny Calvi
Photography by
David Benjamin Sherry


That bonus image of Jonah by David Benjamin Sherry was taken in his New York studio for BUTT's 2012 weekly calendar. Such a pity to leave that particular one out. This year, we're going daily so no hot shot will be left unpublished. Printed in black and white on several tons of BUTT's signature pink paper, the new calendar will be over one inch thick. That's a whole kilo of BUTT to look forward to in 2014. The deadline for submissions, Monday 3 June, is just over one month away...

We’ll be looking for the most BUTT-friendly photos. It could be a group photo of your naked waterpolo team, a cute couple getting creative with the self-timer, or a flawlessly composed glamour portrait of a single lady. You could send in a week-long series of the same guy, or seven different dudes — one for each day of the week. Drawings are also being considered for publication this time around.

With this edition, we want to give BUTT readers a peek into your daily life. So why not unpack that jockstrap collection and share it — yourself and your gym buddy modeling, of course — with Buttheads from around the globe? Perhaps you’re the kind of perv who sees butts everywhere you look? In a tree trunk, for instance. Or you’ve got a snapshot of that phallic symbol you notice on the way home from work every day.

Keep in mind we’re mostly looking for unpublished images, and always want to know lots about the subject of your adoration. All models must be at least be 18 years of age, of course, and give their consent to appear in the calendar.

Please submit by email — to calendar@buttmagazine.com — as long as attachments are not over 10 MB. Otherwise send a download link. It’s also possible to send Polaroids, passport pics, or any other printed matter to BUTT’s London office at: 1 Tavistock Chambers, 40 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2SE, United Kingdom.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, 3 June 2013.

Published on 29 April 2013