Photography by
Alex Girardi
Photography by
Guilherme Vieira

Alex and Geelherme are a creative duo from Jaraguá do Sul in the south of Brazil. You know, where all the Victoria’s Secret models come from. Over the New Year, they spent six days making furious love in a tent at Psicodália, a psychedelic rock festival for hippies. They also made portraits of all the indie guys they found hot.

Thank god Alex and Geelherme have similar taste in men, although Alex says, ‘We never put another guy in our bed. Yet…’ They like ‘raw’ guys. Dudes who are maybe just out of reach because they happen to be straight. They tend to like guys with moustaches and hairy guys. It turns out it was hard to find a guy without a beard at Psicodália.

It’s the kind of festival where even a couple of lolitos like Alex and Geelherme can turn on, tune in, and drop out… Between shows, they spotted guys doing yoga, playing the didigeridoo, attending life drawing workshops, and going skinny dipping — no, they don’t have pictures of that.

Published on 20 February 2013