April Showers

Photography by
Florian Tenk

Budding photographer Florian is interested in what he calls the ‘shapes of shame’, that is, how people handle their bodies, and what they tend to hide or reveal. Tugy had no shame whatsoever undressing in the presence of this thriving Zamioculcas zamiifolia, AKA the ‘ZZ plant’ or ‘fat boy’, which has been deemed indestructible by houseplant enthusiasts, by the way.

According to Florian, normal bodily functions are among the most shameful acts, which is why he asked guys to piss themselves for a series. Emanuel, who studies performing arts, was a bit reluctant to piss his pants at first, but after a cigarette and a few glasses of Chardonnay, he was like, no problem. In fact, pissing himself dramatically improved his confidence on stage.

And while Florian is not necessarily into watersports himself, he is very open minded about sex and would be very willing to join a sex partner if he was into it.

Published on 01 April 2014