Photography by
Russ Osterweil

Photographer Russ from Oakland, California just assumed Moroccan Amine was straight. They’d chat while lunch was being put together at his older brother’s cafe down the street from Russ’s studio. Russ was intrigued by his soft demeanor and bubble butt — Amine played soccer and sometimes wore shorts or sweatpants to work — so he asked if he’d be interested in being photographed.

Amine agreed and was getting quite aroused during the session. He seemed to be wiggling his ass at the camera, which gave Russ the distinct impression that although Amine had never had sex with a guy before, he was dying to try it. Naturally, Russ put down the camera and dove in. Turns out Amine is not only super sweet, but also has a talent for getting fucked. Just don’t tell his older brother.

Published on 12 March 2012