2015 Calendar Review

Photography by
Danny Calvi

With the 2014 BUTT calendar nearing its denouement — and sadly no BUTT calendar in the works for 2015 — we thought we’d suggest some alternatives. While none we found quite matches the generosity or vigorous design principles of a BUTT calendar, there are some standout monthlies to highlight.

Maybe the best of the bunch is Giovanni’s Members Only calendar, which features twelve actual size, mostly uncut dicks. There are also two other large format beauties from beloved contributors, Dave Butt and Josh Olsen. If you’re feeling charitable: Red Hot by Thomas Knights, which has already raised £7000 for the Anti-bullying Alliance in London; and the Cowboy Nights calendar from homorodeo.com, featuring real life cowboys, ranchers, farmers and those who enjoy a rural lifestyle.

The expertly-designed moon phase calendar by Jeremy Rendina was a favorite of ours last year. It’s perfect for following the ebb and flow of the moon, and planning important sex dates. Last but not least, Chicago porn powerhouse Bijou has put together a pin-up calendar with some of the gods of porn’s golden age.

Published on 26 December 2014