Interview by
Danny Calvi
Mixtape by
Boris & Discodromo

Ciao Berlin!

Boris, and Giacomo and Giovanni (Discodromo), have a knack for men-ergizing a dancefloor with deep, long sets that go 'til dawn. Their cub club night in Berlin, CockTail d’Amore, reappears this weekend at a new riverside location, Chez Jacki. It’s their first night since die Polizei shut down the old venue, St. Georg, two months ago. We’re super-stoked to share the trio’s exclusive Cockring d’Amore Mix.

BUTT had a quick chat with the three of them about Saturday, and got a few tips for an amazing night out.
Was the last party already happening when it was shut down in April?
Giacomo: No. The night before, the police came and warned us not to continue at the old venue until some improvements were made to the property and we had a proper permit.
Giovanni: Some people showed up, thinking the party was still happening.
Giacomo: Like Daniel Wang who woke up at three o’clock in the morning, and took a taxi there. He didn’t get the update on Facebook.
And was there a plan B?
Giacomo: Instead of doing it in a random location that didn’t fit the spirit of the party or our guests, we just stopped for a couple months until we found the right venue.
Recently, I noticed Boris was deejaying from an SD card. Are you guys done with vinyl?
Boris: No, not at all. It’s just that sometimes, when you’re traveling, it’s so much easier with a card.
Giovanni: At our night, we play like fifty-fifty — half records and half CDs.
Is it uncool to play your own records when deejaying?
Boris: No, not at all. I would say the opposite is true, actually.
How do the toilets at Chez Jacki compare to those of the old venue?
Giacomo: They’re bigger. You can fit up to nine guys in a stall at once.
Are they clean?
Giovanni: Well, they were the last time we checked.
Is there such a thing as toilet etiquette for clubbers?
Giovanni: We try to be quick.
And also at home? Does it take long for you to get ready to go out?
Boris: Depends on the occasion…
Giovanni: I would say half an hour or forty-five minutes.
Giacomo: We take our time, though. We never rush.
Giovanni: I always comb my beard before I go out.
Any tips for guys getting ready to go out to your party?
Boris: Try to avoid tartan shirts because there are so many guys wearing tartan shirts these days.
Giacomo: And put on some comfortable clothes for dancing. Good shoes are really important, actually.
Have any of you been affected by the recent E. coli cucumber scare in Germany?
Giacomo: No, none of us have been affected — even after we’ve had a few Moscow Mules. The Moscow Mule is Giovanni’s and my favorite drink.
Isn’t that served with sliced cucumber? I guess cucumber in a cocktail is probably the safest way to take a cucumber in Germany at the moment.
Giacomo: Maybe we should switch to Cuba Libres…
CockTail d’Amore happens tomorrow around midnight, Saturday, 4 June at Chez Jacki, a club with excellent sound and proper toilets, An Der Schilling Brücke in Berlin. Official fourth member of the CockTail d´Amore clan, Pindar, will be doing the visuals.

Published on 03 June 2011