BUTT - Butt23

The magazine for homosexuals
Summer 2008
Release date: Summer, 2008
76 pages on pink paper

This is the summer 2008 issue of BUTT with a brand new waterproof cover to keep your BUTT clean and tidy in your bedroom, on the beach or wherever you’ll find yourself this summer. As always, we slaved away for a couple of weeks to produce a smart and sexy issue of this magazine for homosexualists. Every detail matters, so please think of the following list of contents as being very well considered…

New York fashion designer THOM BROWNE is interviewed by Gert Jonkers about clothes and fetishes. Photography by Marcelo Krasilcic.

Über-hot London doorman GREG (HorseMeatDisco, amongst others) shot by our dear friend Alex Klesta from gay Paree.

The lovely James Anderson wrote 47 sentences about his intriguing friend COLIN.

Butt buddy Paul Flynn hooked up with sexy ANDY BUTLER of Hercules and Love Affair fame – they got along quite well… Photography by Andreas Larsson.

SÉBASTIEN from Paris, who has a major fetish for athletic socks, is interrogated by Bruce Benderson, who shares a fetish or two. Photography by Marc Zaffuto.

It’s our old friend SLAVA MOGUTIN (finally!) interviewed for BUTT by Adam Baran about, once again… fetishes! It seems to be something of a theme this issue. Photography by Terry Richardson.

BUTT reporter Alex Needham encounters the witty Mr SIMON NAPIER-BELL. Photography by Johnnie Shand Kydd.

Our Italian friend Angelo Flaccavento interviewed the Italian actor and writer FILLIPO TIMI in Italian and then translated the text into English. Photography by Simon.

You’ll find our newly revamped back section (sorry, no more BUTTSTUFF) with random stories, cocks, and faces. Oh, and a ‘difficult word list’ for non-native readers, some of whom have been complaining about BUTT being difficult to read.