Tony Regazzoni

Interview by
Adam Baran


Tony Regazzoni is a young sculptor whose art is inspired by sex, nightlife, and fetish objects. He's been living in Paris for the past two years. Tony's latest work is a series of imaginary butt plug sculptures made in enamelled clay. He has a show currently running at the Galerie ACDC until December 24th, and another coming up in the new year. Tony and I had a little e-chat about bottoming, buttplugs and how he once tried putting a wine bottle up his very sensitive asshole...

Adam: Where did you go to school?
Tony: I was a student at the Dijon’s Art School in Burgundy and then I had a post-graduate at the ECAL, the art school of Lausanne in Switzerland.
How did you get the idea to do sculptures of imaginary butt plugs?
I wanted to create my own collection. I’m fascinated by the forms and colors of butt plugs – they’re like minimal art sculptures. All my sculptures are inspired by real butt plugs. I just changed some details and proportions.
Do you bottom?
Yes, alone and with my boyfriend.
Which of the imaginary butt plugs do you think you could put up your ass?
Oh! That’s an interesting question. My preference is the one that looks like a big screw. I don’t think I could put it up my ass, but I’d love to try. Of course, the long simple one is probably perfect for me.
When was the first time you used a butt plug?
I don’t exactly remember the first time I used a butt plug, but I do remember the time I was a teenager and tried to put a bottle of wine into my ass. Thinking of this nowadays makes me smile. It was too cold because of the glass. I remember I put a condom on the extremity before putting as much of it as I could inside me. And what is interesting is that you can upgrade your enlargement and go in gradually like with a butt plug.
Can you describe the feeling you get when you use a butt plug or a dildo?
Hmm, my asshole is very sensitive. So introducing anything into it just makes me crazy and gives me a real orgasm. It really stimulates my ejaculation too.
Have you done fisting?
No I haven’t done that yet. I don’t think it’s my cup of tea.
What about one of those fist-shaped dildos or giant dildos they use in extreme porn?
No, never. Too big for me.
You have other work inspired by leather slings, and one that’s a slanted go-go pole. Can you tell me about these?
I think art is a language, a way to speak and think of reality, and represent it – which humans have been trying to do for fifteen thousand years. What’s interesting is the differences because everyone feels, watches, and experiences things differently. My reality is made up of parties, sexual experiences – I love places to dance and places to have sex because of the lights, the sounds, and the smells that create a special atmosphere. So all my works are little pieces of this reality.
Going back to the butt plug sculptures, how do you make them exactly?
Remember the scene in ‘Ghost’ where Demi Moore shows Patrick Swayze how to make pottery? It’s nearly the same except I’m alone with the clay. I make all the sculptures with my fingers, which is very sensual and sexual. Then I work with a ‘faiencerie’ which bakes the clay and puts the enamel on, which makes a very glossy and smooth surface. I consider the sculptures like fetish objects you can put above your fireplace or on a shelf in your living room, like any collection.
What was the last thing you had in your butt?
I tried the butt plug my friends bought me for my birthday.
How was it?

Published on 22 December 2008