David the Human Trampoline

Interview by
Pauline Mérigeot

29-year old French man David loves soccer shoes, cowboy boots and bare feet. He gets turned on whenever guys jump on his stomach with both feet. He videotapes these sessions and uploads them to his blog, hoping to attract more customers.

Pauline: So when did you first realize you enjoyed being used as a human trampoline?
David: It actually happened after I saw a documentary on TV about military training. Guys were lying on the ground and the first person would walk on the others and then lay down at the bottom of the line and the second one would start walking. I got turned on and thought I wanted to give it a try.
What was your first time like?
It was four years ago. I had this friend over and I talked him into it. It wasn’t easy at first but he ended up walking on me in front of a café for ten minutes. He was around 140 pounds. It wasn’t too hard and neither was I.
You sometimes get a hard-on from being used as a doormat, then?
(laughs.) If you look it up on the web, trampling is always being referred to as sex, sometimes-even SM, when you can practice it in a totally different way. I think of it as a performance, as a resistance test ,and most of all as a fun, relaxing hobby for people. Of course I often get turned on. It’s a matter of guys, shoes and feet…
There have to be times when it’s painful!
Yeah, you’ve got to pay attention to a lot of different factors like the shoes the boy is wearing, the way he’s going to jump, the places on your body on which he’s going to stand, the weight… It’s not all about the weight, though.
Still, the heavier the man the bigger the pleasure?
Not necessarily. Now of course, the heavier he is, the more I’ll have to resist which can be quite interesting considering I’m constantly trying to compete with my own records. This also works with the shoes. The sensation I’ll get from a smooth and soft pair of shoes is totally different than the one I’ll get from a pair of rangers.
What are you looking for in a trampler?
What I like the most is to look at the guys’ faces while they’re on top of me. They differ a lot from time to time but they’re always thrilled. Some of them are even having a blast and happen to joke while doing their thing. I always tell them to feel free to pick up their phones because it’s such a turn-on for me.
You’re getting paid for that, aren’t you?
That’s right. I charge 5 euros for 10 minutes. It’s cheaper than going to the gym, and you get to relax just as much.
Do you make a lot of money from all this?
I won’t make more than 10 euros a month. But the most important thing is that people agree to being filmed so I can post the videos on my blog afterwards. I sometimes have to do it for free. I might start asking for tips eventually. (laughs) I set up a loyalty card, by the way, just like the ones customers get in restaurants or shops.
Oh my god, are you serious?
Convincing people is not an easy thing, you know. For now I mostly do it on the Internet. I am used to saying it is the funniest thing to do for a couple, colleagues or buddies looking for a quality moment to share.
And do they get fooled?
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. The Internet is the best way for me to meet people anyway. I mostly use live chats but I also have pages on Myspace and YouTube.
Looks like you are desperately leaving ads all over the web to me!
I do leave a lot of ads yeah. I think they appear on a dozen of websites or so. My business is starting to expand, though. I realized a while ago I have been getting about 80 visits a day for two weeks when it used to be 15 before.
What’s the appeal, really?
People contact me when they want to find out what trampling is all about. They usually walk on me softly because they are afraid it’s going to hurt but it’s kind of nice because it allows my muscles to get ready for more. By this time, they get on and off my body and even start joking like they’ll pretend they’re on a surfing board, for example. There really is a relaxing side to doing it after a hard day at work, a fight with your boyfriend or some bad news coming up.
Your videos are truly impressive.
Thank you! As soon as I decide I want to get trampled, I’m always up for anything. I’m never disappointed by a trampling intercourse. My main interest is the performance. I’m a bit like the people pulling cars or trucks with their dicks, you see.
How do you get ready before a trampling session?
I generally just lay down on a mattress. If it’s going to be happening outside, I’ll just put a small blanket on the floor, or lay on the floor itself. I need to be focused but I also need to be physically ready. I often look at people while they’re trampling me so I can plan what their reactions are going to be, whether they feel like jumping or not. If everything goes well I can go on for quite a long time.
Do you sometimes get hurt?
It never happened. I always discuss my limits with the boys first so I can make it clear that if I ever say stop, they have to get off me. I remember having to stop for a while because I had the flu and my ribs would hurt every time I sneezed. I am a strong one, you know. (laughs.) A guy once told me I had a very elastic body but practicing also matters.
Does your boyfriend know of everything you’re doing behind his back, so to speak?
He was the one suggesting I should get paid for it.
Ha. And do your family and friends know?
They don’t, except for a couple of cousins.
You said there were a couple of things you wanted the world to know about?
Oh yeah, I’d like to make money out of getting trampled that I would then give to the AIDS research. I have several ideas such as organizing a Trampling Tour de France. I would also like to make my own calendars with famous people jumping on my belly or even sports teams.
Do you realize how strange this whole thing sounds?
Really? It can all sound crazy at first but everybody ends up enjoying it if they give trampling a chance. Plus you’ll always be amazed at how resistant the human body is and the numerous things it can do.
Do you have a specific message for our fellow buttheads?
Please get in touch? (laughs.) I pretty much got trampled in every French city including Rouen, Caen, Deauville, Angers, Paris… If I need to be the one to do the road, I’ll do it, but I am not paying for gas nor the train. That’s also why I offer my house to anyone who’s interested. All the contact details are on my blog. The first step is always the hardest one but then it goes along.

Published on 04 November 2009