Speedo Student

Interview by
Pauline Mérigeot and Clarisse Mérigeot


Tim, or 'Speedo Student'  as he calls himself on the internet – is a Speedo maniac who owns over 20 pairs of the popular swimsuits, regularly blogs about how he likes to jerk off wearing them (preferably, while somebody's watching) and received national media attention when he posted an Xtube video of himself masturbating in an empty classroom at his Hawaiian college (above). His intense fetish has excited viewers all around the world but it almost got him expelled from the University of Hawaii. We emailed Tim to find out more about his fetish and what happened to him to cause such a stir.

Pauline: Please tell us more about yourself, Speedo Student.
Tim: I’m in my fourth year of college where I major in history. I specialize in military and European history; my research focuses on the creation of the modern army and its distinctive philosophy, especially concerning the military training methods. Aside from school, I like reading detective stories, classical music and opera, horseback riding, flying, and a bunch of other things. I was born in Hawaii on the island of Maui, but I only came back here to finish up school about a year ago. I have mixed feelings about Hawaii. I do enjoy the weather here, but I don’t like the congestion, laziness, and bigotry.
Clarisse: When did your passion for speedos start?
I guess at the beginning of my second year of college. I’d wanted to try some speedos for a while, thinking about how skimpy and tight they would be, and I just went down to the local sporting goods store and bought my first pair, a blue Tyr suit. I loved them. That was also about the time I started tanning and shaving to complete the swimmer look, since I’d always found swimmers and their speedos very attractive.
Do you wear speedos everyday?
Not quite. They can rub a little if I’m doing a lot of walking, so I may swap them out for briefs or a jock during the day. For play and the beach, though…
What makes jerking off in speedos so extraordinary? It it the fabric, the texture?
It is difficult to explain. The tightness definitely helps in the lycra speedos. For the nylon ones the effect is exactly the opposite, it comes from the looseness and softness of the material. For me, a major part of what makes speedos so arousing is their teasing nature. Everything is fully visible, but you’re not quite naked. That subtle difference adds a level of mental stimulation.
Would you call it a passion or a fetish now?
Just a fetish. I’m not in love with my speedos, I just like wearing them during sex and I have a bunch of other fetishes. My biggest one is for feet — I love seeing, or better yet playing with, a hot pair of feet. I’m also into other forms of spandex/lycra gear, sportsgear, underwear, and cum. And, of course, exhibitionism as well.
What is the most extreme thing you’ve done wearing a speedo?
Well, one day I was wearing speedos with a friend of mine. He was wearing a black Tyr suit and I had on a new and very tight blue Aqua bikini. We were playing around and I had slid his cock out of the leg of his suit. Then he flipped me over on my back, slipped it into the back of my suit and basically started fucking my speedo! He didn’t do it for very long though because he nearly came doing it. He said it felt so tight it was like being inside me. That’s probably about the most exciting speedo story I have yet.
And what excited you about jerking off in classrooms?
I wouldn’t say it was especially exciting, although there was the eroticism of doing it in a space that’s not normally associated with sex. I didn’t start doing it on a regular basis until the beginning of this year. The project started out more as a documentary than anything else. It was inspired by Australian photographer Shannon Boh, who did a photo series of himself in speedos at different locations. I decided to take that model and apply it specifically to my university. The classroom video was a much later idea.
You always jerk off in empty classrooms. Is that cowardice or just provocation?
Okay, first I need to clarify that I don’t jerk off in classrooms at all, as a rule. The only time I’ve done so was for that now infamous video. It was empty because, obviously, people would have interfered with the project if I had attempted to shoot it while there were others around. Given that I did make the evidence that I had done so publicly available, however, I wouldn’t call it cowardice at all. Nor was it intended to be very provocative, just erotic, a bit of a fantasy for some, and maybe a little thought-provoking.
Did you set it up yourself or did you have an accomplice?
A friend of mine helped me with the still photos, but for the video I shot it all myself, just like the previous ones.
What exactly happened with the University of Hawaii?
What happened was that I received a letter the week after I posted the video stating that I was being investigated for violating the student conduct code (threatening the safety of others and lewd and indecent behavior, specifically). Apparently a student in one of my classes complained that she felt unsafe around me, which triggered the investigation. Word spread around campus and that triggered a libelous article in the school paper painting what I had done as criminal, deviant and psychotic, and a rash of additional, mostly groundless complaints to the school administration. People panicked. I had done something that challenged their beliefs about sexual behavior and they lashed out at me. Even though the University of Hawaii is supposed to have a nondiscrimination policy regarding sexual identity, which includes sexual behavior, they chose to go along with the hysteria and put me on academic probation to express their disapproval. There was no discussion whatsoever about whether or not what I had done was a violation of the conduct code. I was just told what their decision was.
What are the latest news about all this? Did they expel you?
They did not expel me. That kind of talk was started by the school paper, with its malicious little blurb about my blog, and then taken up by the online forums. Queerty and a bunch of other sites got a lot of mileage out of being able to play with the possibility that I might be expelled. As I said before, all the university did was put me on academic probation, and that was it.
You said some instructors showed you some support. Were any of them willing to offer more?
No, none of them offered to do that, which is probably a good thing. They’re all very professional people and I’m grateful for that.
What kind of feedback did you get from posting the videos and photos?
My feedback was completely positive until I posted the classroom video, which got both positive and negative responses. Most of the published comments are from viewers who found my behavior personally offensive and thought that was a sufficient reason to criticize me. The responses I received in private, however, were far more supportive. I’ve had a large number of messages congratulating me on being courageous and standing up for my desires and actions.  Some even regard me as a role model and an inspiration to others to be more open and tolerant.
Are you planning on doing it again anytime soon?
I doubt it. There wouldn’t be much of a point to doing it again. I’ve already used the classroom location, so that’s old news in terms of staging a video, and students and administrators around here are so bigoted that I’m sure they would be harassing me even worse if I were to do it again.

Click here to see Speedo Student’s infamous classroom jerk off video, with links to his previous work. If you like Speedo Student’s videos and want to see more, check out his blog as well. Speedo Student recently filmed a professional porn video for Dirty Bird Pictures which will be coming out in May.

Published on 15 April 2010