Muddy Buck

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Muddy Buck


You think you're dirty? The anonymous couple behind "Muddy Buck" may have you beat. Both men share a primordial desire to submerge themselves in ooze – a substance they mix themselves at home in an elaborate pit, and which they say makes for safe, slick lube. Their videos have gained them a sizable following on Twitter @Muddy_Buck and, the online home of "wet and messy" enthusiasts. "Feeding the Mud my seed is the act of completing the Mud-to-man bond," they told BUTT via DM. Let that sink in...

BUTT: What about mud turns you on? Are you into mud itself, as a material, or the feeling of being muddy?
MuddyBuck: My reaction to Mud is in a way inexplicable. It is visceral and primal. When I stepped into the mud for the first time, I responded to it immediately with sexual excitement. It is an all-encompassing feeling as it slides across your skin, covering every inch of you, hiding your body beneath its thick material, giving you a new profile, a new visual essence. It is, at the very core, a transformative experience. You enter the Mud as an everyday human, but you rise up from the Mud covered and transformed and encased in a new skin, in a new body, as a new creature. The more I explore the Mud and accept this primal transformation, the more erotic and exciting being in the Mud becomes.
On Twitter, you often write about “surrendering” to the mud, feeding it your seed… Does the mud have a spirit?
The Mud does not have a spirit, but rather I give life to the Mud that it would not otherwise have. It is a symbiotic relationship. Separately, we are ordinary…an ordinary man and an ordinary pool of wet dirt, but together, when the two are merged, we become an entirely new virtual species. I give the Mud movement, life and being, and the Mud rewards me with excitement, transformation, invincibility, and physical pleasure. Feeding the Mud my seed is the act of completing that Mud-to-man bond. It is the ultimate fusion as the seed that I have created is absorbed and fuses with the material of the Mud.

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The mud in your videos looks extremely smooth, like a well-blended milkshake. Do you make it yourself? What’s it made of?
I enjoy many types of mud, as you can witness in my profile. The extremely smooth mud that you reference is indeed our own creation. It is our man-made pit. We dug the hole, built up the sides with sandbags from the hole material, lined the hole with a pond liner, and then filled it with water and a blend of kaolin clays obtained in bulk from a ceramics supply store. Kaolin is an inert and safe material used in many products and processes from make-up to medicine (but don’t breathe the dust).
Wait…how do you avoid breathing in the dust if you’re sucking cock and eating ass in it? Is it safe when wet?
Yes, the dust is only a concern when we are adding dry material to the pit. Once hydrated, there is no safety issue.

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Does it work as lube when you’re fucking in it, or do you have to use something else?
Our mix of kaolin and water is in fact very smooth and can act as a lubricant for many acts of physical pleasure. To sink into it is similar to sinking into a vat of thick lube that contains only the slightest hint of texture from the silicate mineral.
Do you keep a vat of it at home for filming? Does it have to be remade each time you film or can it be “fed”?
Currently we do not keep a vat at home, though we have constructed earlier versions of our clay/mud pit and we hope to install a newly designed permanent pit in the near future. The pit does require mixing to maintain its consistency. The water and minerals will separate over time with the clay, settling to the bottom and forming a dense mass. There is no worry of this happening in our pit as it “calls” to us frequently and we gladly answer that call, giving ourselves over to the muddy pleasures it can provide.

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Published on 17 January 2024