Jake Shears

Interview and photography by
Marcelo Krasilcic

Jason Sellards, a.k.a. Jake Shears, is the partly falsetto lead singer of New York based band Scissor Sisters who happen to have their debut album out around this time. Being intrigued by Jason, and even more by his sex life, Marcelo Krasilcic photographed him and tracked down some of his old lovers and asked 10 questions about Jason.

1. How did you first meet Jason and what was your first impression?
Aubrey: I first met Jason when I was 19 years old and had recently moved to Seattle. One day my roommate, who was this crazy lunatic who liked to set me up on dates, gave me his number. “He’s 18 years old, still in high school, but just about to graduate, beautiful blue eyes, smart, sexy and sweet!” I called Jason. The phone number proved to be his dorm hallway telephone. Jason went to boarding school. We had coffee, rode the bus to the U-District and went to shop for music. Jason loved music. He wrote songs and recorded them in his room. Later I determined that Jason was not 18. Nor 17. Nor 16. Jason was 15 years old.
I was 19. I went to his high school party.
Justin: I first met Jason at a wet after-party in Williamsburg during the summer.
I was swimming as a go-go boy in a huge aquarium with a small sand shark. The next thing I knew, Jason had jumped in the water with me. I had no idea who he was, but I admired his bold move and tight body.
Ned: A little more than three years ago, Jason and I first met at the Crunch gym on 38th Street in Midtown, Manhattan. I first saw him sitting in the sauna, and I remember thinking at the time that he was the cutest boy I’d ever seen at the gym. The first thing that struck me about Jason was his eyes: big, excited, pale blue. We talked. I liked seeing Jason nearly naked with a warm, welcoming and sexy smile.
I have no idea what the conversation was, but I do know the who, what, when, and where’s were all discussed and digits were exchanged. Truth be told, my first impressions of Jason terrified me, because I really liked him. He was unlike the other boys I’d met: he was sweet and honest, qualities that are hard to find together. I don’t think he knew it at the time, but he had the ability to break through my dog-and-pony show.
Steve: My then boyfriend took me to a party to show him to me, no kidding.
Dominick: I first saw him go-go dancing at IC Guys, but I didn’t meet him. At about the same time, some mutual friends were trying to match us up, but it never happened. Then I finally bumped into Jason at a party in a warehouse…he was wearing a sleazy black leather cap, a moustache, and was totally cute. He looked like he’d just walked out of a ’70s porn flick…I thought, wow!

2. How did the first seduction take place? Elaborate please.
Aubrey: In my bedroom in my apartment in Seattle. On the floor — I had no bed yet. Started with kissing.
Justin: The seduction took place that night.
I was hesitant at first because I had just come out of a horrible relationship, and I was not too eager to be with anyone at the time. In the end, I couldn’t resist his smile and slight Southern accent.
Ned: The first time we spent time together outside of the gym, at my house, Jason and I started making out on my couch. Clothes were scattered, we fooled around, and then I told Jason that “I had to stop having meaningless sex with random people”. The second encounter was when Jason was living in this strange theater that was converted into a house…sort of. I started to kiss Jason, we made out for a little while, I was really into it this time, no identity crisis. Suddenly, Jason got up, went to the bathroom and started puking. This went on for a while. Turns out that he had some sort of food poisoning, from some tacos. The third seduction was after I found Jason again through Friendster. I sent him a message and he promptly responded and we became “friends.” Jason invited me to see his band. I don’t know what happened, but when I saw him it was love at first sight, or in this case love at 3rd or 4th or 5th sight. We’ve been having a romance ever since.
Steve: There was a hot tub on the deck outside. I got naked and popped in. He had obviously been to the apartment before because he had a Speedo. It was a nice long soak if you know what I mean.
Dominick: When one of our mutual friends took me to his 23rd birthday party, “Escape from Monkey Island II,” but I never escaped. We went primate.

3. Would you say you had sex or made love to Jason?
Aubrey: Neither. We never really finished. Then years later we fucked. We were friends then.
Justin: We both had sex and made love. That’s the thing about Jason; he is the perfect combination of passionate affection and raunchy sleaze. He kisses passionately like a girl in love, but moans like a whore.
Ned: At first, Jason and I probably did more mutual masturbation rather than sex. Jason is truly a lover, but when I first met Jason, I really knew very little about sex and even less about making love. I’ve grown into a lover, and even though some of our encounters have been very sexual, I sense that love actually underlies everything. Being with Jason is an enriching experience; I always look forward to seeing him. I think love is at the core of his being.
Steve: There were times we made love and times we had sex. Lovely sex — how’s that?
Dominick: Both. I’ve always found it difficult to separate the two.

4. Was his body all you expected it to be when you first had him?
Aubrey: Yes.
Justin: His body was everything I expected, but I had already had the opportunity to check out the goods in the aquarium.
Ned: Yes, his body is hot. And what a toosh!
Steve: I’d heard he was a go-go boy, so I expected the body. I’ll say this, he had the hardest prick I’ve ever had my hands on.

5. Describe your favorite sexual experience with Jason.
Justin: He did excite me with the offer of fucking him while wearing the tight leather cop uniform that he keeps in his closet.
Ned: The best is yet to come.
Steve: Never as good as the first time as they say. The hot tub ruled. I remember feeling his cock with my foot under the water and those big blue eyes above the water — and that goofy smile every time I pressed on it.
Dominick: Hmm…it would have to be one of the countless, sweaty times we fucked all night…or the public performance we gave in a friend’s hot tub at a party.

6. Were you shocked by anything he did or wanted to do?
Justin: No, we were very much in agreement.
Ned: Jason was really drunk and maybe high on his b-day and started a panty party and later tried to get me to go into a bathtub-size hot tub full of gross, drunk, and dirty naked men. I did get in for a second and then couldn’t take it and got out.
Steve: I told him I wouldn’t say.
Let’s see…tit clamps and remote-control dildo.

7. Did your sexual interest towards Jason grow or diminish over time?
Aubrey: I love Jason.
Justin: I think because we became more comfortable with each other, my sexual interest for Jason has grown with time and continues into the present.
Ned: It’s grown over three years, from being scared to be around him, to not being able to get enough of him.
Steve: He’s insatiable but not slutty. You know, you get a little more each time. Or he just gets better. I don’t know.

8. Please describe in one word what your involvement with Jason has meant to you.
Aubrey: Comfort.
Ned: Love.
Steve: Can’t tell you one word, but I can tell you that once I was rimming him on his back and his knees were up and it looked like he was posed to give birth. All I could do was say “push,” “push.” It turned into a very elaborate delivery-room scene for me — much to his dismay. There you go, “push” — that’s my word.
Dominick: Fantasy.

9. Has Jason changed your life in any way?
Aubrey: Jason introduced me to many things — music, people, films, having fun, and my husband.
Ned: Yes.
Steve: Yeah, I listen to Roxy Music more.
Jason helped me find my inner daddy.

10. If Jason were to be sent to Iraq, how do you think that would change the conflict there?
Aubrey: Everybody would be fucking making love not war!
Justin: If this man were to be sent to Iraq, the boys in uniform would either be exposed to some lively fun in the barracks or a great show on stage (most likely both). In either case, no one would leave unsatisfied.
Ned: It would become that much more of a tragedy.
Steve: Better let him bring his dildo or we’re gonna have a lot of distracted troops.
Dominick: He would probably ignite the boys’ (and girls’) queer unconscious desire, to which they would pair up, stage love-ins, revolt and desert…leaving the Iraqi people to their own self-determination.

Originally published in BUTT 9