Brett the Gay Cowboy

Interview by
Adam Baran
Photography by
Paul Kopkau


Brett is a short, handsome Mexican who wears a cowboy hat. He and I met at Smoke Tree Stables in Palm Springs, California, when we were both signing up for a two-hour horseback ride through the beautiful Indian Canyon at sunset. Brett was very friendly, offering me advice on whether I should wear a helmet or not. He also explained that he had his own horse — a feisty Arabian — but that he wanted to try to ride a different horse to see the difference. Soon enough we were both saddled up, introduced to our cowgirl guide Toni, and set off on our tour. After the ride, returning to the stables, Brett overheard me asking for a cab and offered me a ride back to my hotel. I had no inkling he was gay until I got in his car and he asked me if I was in town for gay pride. Brett said he had been in Palm Springs DJ-ing for gay pride, and that he also dee-jays country western and hip hop music at bars like Oilcan Harry’s in Los Angeles. When we arrived at my hotel Brett pulled the timeless ‘Can I just come in to use your bathroom?’-line. I let him up and while he was pissing I pulled out my laptop and prepared for an impromptu interview.

Adam: Do you mind if I record this?
Brett: No, not at all.
Okay, so you are a gay cowboy?
I guess you could say that, yeah.
When did you move to the desert, here in Palm Springs?
A year ago. I always lived in Los Angeles, but I really wanted to start riding horses.
Did you ever think you would move to the desert?
No. And I never thought I would enjoy country music either.
What changed?
I started learning how to line dance and I started liking the music and one of my friends was a DJ. He asked me if I wanted to DJ, so I started to, and then I started teaching people how to dance. And then a year ago I started riding horses. I moved up to the high desert and my friend had a horse he was going to get rid of and he gave it to me for free. That’s the Arab. So now I am riding horses. It’s like every year something new came. If someone had told me when I was in high school that I would be doing this, I would have been like, ‘You are fucking crazy. No way in hell I’d be doing that.’
So had you ever ridden horses before moving out here?
The guide on the tour today was shocked to hear that you were riding an Arab. You must have learned quite a lot in a short time to be riding such a difficult horse, no?
Yeah, they’re the most athletic horses and some of the most difficult to ride because they want to do everything. I did not know that when I started to ride her. The first thing people always ask me is, ‘Oh, aren’t Arabs difficult to ride?’ But I don’t really know because I have never really been on any other horse. That’s why I went today, to see what it would be like on another horse.
And how was it?
I felt like I was riding a slow tank. When I am on my horse, she is light as a feather. I can turn her, move her, run her, whatever. If I rode her on that ride today we would have been done way sooner.
What’s her name?
Annie. But I did not name her. That was her name already.
How did you find her?
The bartender that I work with, his significant other owned her. He ran a drill team for horses and this one horse, Annie, had a fall. He didn’t want to work her as hard anymore and when he heard that I wanted a horse he asked me if I wanted her, and I said ‘Sure, why not?.’ So she was already very well trained. But if she senses that you don’t know what you are doing she will take you for a ride. She’ll do whatever the hell she wants to do. Here’s a picture of her.
Oh, wow. She is white and very beautiful! How did you bond with Annie?
By taking care of her, brushing her, watching her eat, cleaning her hooves. Just trying to interact with her physically as much as possible so that she knew who I was. That way when I walk to the corral and she sees me coming, she gets excited. She makes noises.
Are guys more into you since you became a cowboy?
I think that when I tell people I ride, they take way more interest. Like, ‘Oh, you ride horses!?’ Before, it would be ‘Oh, you’re a DJ…okay…’ But when they hear I ride, they really trip out. At the club, even though it’s a country bar, not a lot of people are actually into riding. They just play the part. They go dance, they know how to line dance, they know how to couple dance, whatever. Some do go out there and actually do the riding and taking care of a horse. But not a lot.
Do you have other gay cowboy friends?
I don’t. I’m pretty much up there all by myself. I have neighbors and stuff that will go riding with me, but as far as other gay guys that will go riding with me, no, I don’t. They are very hard to find. (laughs)
So the neighbors you go riding with don’t know that you are gay?
No, I don’t think so. But I also don’t act like a flaming queen when I am riding. I don’t scream ‘Heyyy!’ or anything like that.
Have you changed your style to reflect the cowboy image?
Not really. When I get in my boots and my pants, I am all about the cowboy, riding the horse, chasing the sun, whatever you want to call it. But when I go DJ and go to work, it doesn’t always go with me. I don’t know how to explain it. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I think it has made more of a masculine person, more than anything. I don’t know why. I think it’s because you know it’s something you cannot back down from, it’s something you cannot, you know, be real feminine with. You got to be tough when you are out there. You have to know what you are doing and you cannot make stupid mistakes because you can hurt yourself.
What are the things that BUTT readers need to know about riding horses?
The first is: don’t be afraid. Relax. Always look ahead. Never panic. And just enjoy yourself, more than anything.
Are you looking for romance or a partner?
Well, I have a partner. We are probably going to go our separate ways soon. We have been together for nine years and he is at the point where he is liking someone else and not really feeling it anymore.
That’s hard.
It’s real hard. It sucks. I am not going to lie. And all the country music reminds me of the good times, the bad times, whatever. I won’t be looking for somebody right away, I don’t think. But doing things by myself, it’s different. He never was really into the things that I was into. I could not get him onto a horse and ride, because he was afraid or he did not like it.
So I was going to ask you how the size of your penis compares to that of a male horse.
I would say I am probably pretty close to it. The only difference is mine goes up. Like, when they say horse hung, you know, Hispanics, it’s because it goes down. Mine goes up. It’s all there, in length and thickness, but it might not look as big. When I DJ, people grab it, but I don’t care — I’m really cool with that. When they feel it full on, they are like, ‘Oh, wow.’ So I’ve never had complaints about it. I have met people that are bigger than me. Not too many though.
I saw this guy at the All World resort here in Palm Springs last night and I swear his dick was down to his knees. I have never seen anything like it! It was this older, like bigger gentleman. It was weird because he would just walk around with the cock below his knees, like a ghost man in a David Lynch movie.
But you know what, it probably never got hard though. I have seen guys with huge dicks, but you cannot fuck with them. Like, you cannot stick it in anything. I mean, if I want to have sex and have a nice dick, I want it to be hard. Yeah, okay, it’s big, but it’s flopping around.
Are you able to get hard with your big dick?
Oh, yeah. Easily. Once it’s big…honestly, I’m not bragging, but I have hooked-up with guys who wanted to get fucked. But once they see it they turn away.
Because they are scared of the dick?
Yes. They are like, ‘It’s too big, it’s too thick!’ and I am like, ‘What? Just try it.’ ‘No, no. I can’t.’ Or I will try getting it in. You know when you stick it in. You can tell if they are going to let you put it in. Sometimes people will be like, ‘I can’t, I can’t, it’s too big.’ I get SO frustrated when that happens, it’s like, ‘FUCK!’ People say if someone has a big cock, they want to get fucked by it, but that’s not always the case.
I just like playing with big cocks, like, just holding it in my hand and feel the weighty-ness.
Okay, so should I like take it out right now? It’s not hard right now so you are going to have to play with it. Like, right now it’s little, but when it gets bigger, I don’t have any complaints. Anybody that has ever messed around with it or touched it or whatever…
(A few minutes later I’m holding Brett’s cock in my hand and jerking it off.)
The only thing is is that I am so relaxed right now, it might take me a while to get excited.
That’s okay.
But I love the touch, so that’s even better.
Yeah, you like this?
I don’t know about the horoscope thing, but I am a Taurus and we love touch. So it’s all good. I could lay here all day and night just being touched. So what do you think?
I don’t think anything yet.
I have to watch it when I am horseback riding though.
Do you? Is it hard to maneuver it?
No, it’s the balls. Like when you run with a horse, if you have tight jeans on and you bounce up and down it can hurt really bad, but this is totally cool.
Yeah? How much bigger does it get?
You will see. A little bit more, not too much more. But I was whacking off last night. If I have not come in a couple days, it gets pretty big. It’s about the same size. Don’t you think. See my balls are… That’s the one thing, I wish I could loose some weight. People say, ‘Oh, I like the little belly” but whatever.
It’s fine. I’m sure you’d be like a little muscle cowboy.
So when you do interviews, what kinds of things do you ask them?
I ask about sex stories, hot times they have had. I ask them about whatever I feel the vibe is.
Yeah? I would love to have a Brokeback Mountain experience, for example.
You’ve never had that?
No, like horseback riding with someone, and then fucking with the horses there. It would be fucking hot. I have to find somebody. It took a little time. If I was super horny and around a lot of guys and couldn’t control myself, then it would be super hard. But I am so relaxed after that horse ride, I am so relaxed it’s crazy. I like the way you grab it though. It’s nice.
If yours came out too, I’d be down for that.
Yeah. You can put it in my mouth when you come.
(I take my cock out and jerk off, we both watch each other.)
Yeah? You want me to put it in your mouth?
(I put my cock in his mouth and cum, and Brett shoots a big load all over his chest.)
That was fun. Yeah.
Yeah, Do you have a towel?

Published on 14 May 2010