Disgusting Toilet Cleaner

Interview by
Adam Baran
Photography by
Paul Moreno


Asswipe is a 29-year-old German janitor who loves cleaning toilets in both his real job and as a sex slave and footlicker for young arrogant jock boys willing to abuse him. He doesn’t charge anything, and you’re under no obligation to have sex with him, although he would naturally prefer it. I invited him over to clean my bathroom, and to ask him about toilets, Puerto Rican feet, and his special recipe for pasta.

When did you first know you were into being degraded and abused?
When I got my first swirlie in high school. I hated it but then realized that I got a hard on. A group of bullies caught me jerking off in the bathroom. They made fun of me. They kicked me and I fell to the floor.
Did they call you names?
Yeah; asshole, fag, stupid. Stuff like that.
Did they know you were gay in high school or was it just like typical bully stuff?
I think they knew. They called me fag a lot.
Had you done anything with a guy before that?
Yah. I sucked cock but no fucking. In summer camps.
So after the kids flushed your head in the toilet you got a boner?
Did you go home and jerk off?
So then what happened next? How soon after that did you get into being abused?
I started to go to bars and I was looking on Internet sites, and I got a lot of abuse at school, which I enjoyed more and more. Guys spat at me.
For fun. To impress their friends.
What turned you on about that?
The shame, the aggression. It’s very masculine for a guy to do it. I like that a lot. It’s what real guys do.
What do you like about being a janitor? You basically get paid to do what turns you on — cleaning toilets.
I am in charge of about twelve restrooms, and I just feel naturally inferior to hot young jocks so it feels very good to clean for them. It seems to be the right thing while they do more superior, important things. I make sure that they can relieve themselves in a nice setting and I like to deal with the stuff they leave there.
You feel like you connect with them through having to clean up after them?
Yeah, I can be very close to the studs doing their business in the restrooms, and they don’t mind it. They ignore me, but that’s fine, I understand that.
You like it when they ignore you right?
It feels natural. They don’t wanna waste their time with the guy cleaning the urinal.
Tell me about the Puerto Rican guy you met at work.
He’s straight. I suck him off when his girl is away. He likes me being on my knees.
How did it start?
He saw me jerking off in the bathroom and asked whether I was a fag. Then he asked me to come to where he works and then he told me to suck his dick.
What’s he like?
He is good looking, like 22, masculine. He has a big dick, like ten inches and shoots big loads. He is very arrogant, he tells me he has a better job than me.
Some of the other guys you clean for are at NYU right?
Yeah. They just have me come and clean and sometimes their roomies are around.
Do they know you are a sex slave?
Are they weirded out by that? I would think straight guys would be shocked.
Yeah, some are. They don’t come out of their rooms. Others just are amused.
And you don’t get paid?
No. Why should they pay? It’s an honor for me to clean their toilets and shine shoes, and it feels good.
Do they have sex with you?
Some of them jerk off on me while I clean or I lick feet, ass or suck dick, but most just use me to clean.
Do you ever do a bad cleaning job on purpose to get yelled at and abused?
No, but most of my masters are very demanding, so I get yelled at a lot, but I always try to clean toilets as good as I can. I think that’s really what I like most in life, but I also like urinals. It’s just so fucking great to be close to the place where the young studs get rid of their waste. It feels like home.
Do you ever lick them when nobody is around?
Yes. I like pubic hair on the rim.
What about their shit?
I like jock shit, why?
Do you ever eat it?
Yes, when the guy is cute and young and he doesn’t see it. I have taken jock shit home and put it on my food so it melts. It’s great on pasta. I love that.
You’re kidding! Come on, now you’re joking.
No, I make stuff like spaghetti and put shit on top.
And you like how it tastes?
Does that make you feel like less of a human being and more of a lowly animal?
It makes me feel like a toilet.
And so that’s why you enjoy it?
Well, and also it just smells good.
Tell me about other sexual stuff you do.
I like to piss in my pants on the street and have people point at me and laugh. I like it if they laugh at me.
Who came up with the name Asswipe?
The guys at school called me that and then I told my master in L.A. and he liked it a lot, he immediately told his friends. He also made a t-shirt for me that he made me wear walking through UCLA where the jocks could see me. That was fun.
How did you find your master? What was he like?
He was a Latin guy. About 6’3”, 180 lbs, muscular, big feet, nice face, black hair, piercings. I found him in a bar in L.A. At first it was not an S&M thing, but then he was pretty abusive and he called me names and smacked me. I got a stiffy and he asked me if I like that, and I said yes and then he made me lick his feet and I came.
He was abusive to you and then he found out you liked it — so he got into it?
No, he was always into it, but he didn’t know I was a slave. He just wanted to have a blowjob, but then he found out.
So what did he do with you?
He was the first one who put me in this job cleaning toilets. I did odd jobs before, ’cause I didn’t have much school, but he wanted me to work in low jobs ’cause I was a white boy and he enjoyed seeing me work with immigrant boys. He enjoyed seeing white boys humiliated. He knew the assistant dean at a community college in LA and made me do cleaning there. And he made me the servant at home. I was a footstool while he watched TV, errand boy, and he dog-trained me. He also made me serve his friends and rented me to other men. He loved to see me cleaning the toilet. He often did spit at me, even on the street — he was big on public humiliation.
Did you ever try to leave?
Once, when I was drunk. I was just thinking I should do other stuff than just clean toilets and have a hard on. I tried to run away but I didn’t have any money and my master found me at the bus station.
What happened when he took you home?
He put me in chains, and had four friends come over and he told them that I ran away. He put me in the bathtub, bound, and then he spat on me and the other guys spat too. Then they went back to watch TV and then my master came back and told me they would make me the toilet boy for running away, so he took a dump on me. He just let it sit on me on my chest.
Did that turn you on?
Yes. Then another guy came and took a dump. So I had two turds on me. I thought that was kind of cool. They left me there for two hours while they played poker. They came in and pissed on me sometimes.
How did you and the master split up?
The guy was busted by the police and he went back to Brazil.
Is it true that you also ended up in prison for a while?
Yeah. I liked it. It was very humiliating. You have very thin underwear like paper, and you have a toilet in your cell.
Did you do anything with any of the guys in there?
I did suck some cock. I shared my cell with a Puerto Rican migrant worker, in good shape. He asked me if I sucked cock. He said he’s not gay but needed to get sucked. Then he gave me some booze.
What would be the ideal life for you if you didn’t have to work off your debt?
Cleaning toilets at a gym. Or maybe work as a shoe-shine boy so I could look at boys’ baskets while I work. Or I could work as a pedicure guy in a gym.
What was your favorite sexual experience ever?
When the guys shit on me in L.A.
What was the worst?
Dunno, really.
Do you think that if those boys in high school never hurt you you would be so into getting degraded?
No, I think it’s natural. It’s just how I am.

If you would like to arrange cleaning by Asswipe please email him at mikeykoolas@yahoo.com

Originally published in BUTT 13