When I think about what I miss most after moving 2000 miles away from NYC, my friend Daniel's face always pops into my mind. Daniel is one half of MKNG FRNDZ (with Tami Hart), the dance trash party band from Brooklyn. He's just so cute with his bow tie and sweaty bangs and 'stache. On Friday he swept through the Bay Area for about 24 hours when MKNG FRNDZ played Homo A Go Go and I was able to catch up with him in a bathroom stall where he showed me his Golden Girls tattoo and made me touch his hernia.

Interview by
Amos Mac

Amos: When did you get to San Francisco?
Daniel: We got into Oakland around 1 o’clock this morning just past the billboards and the magazines… We are super psyched to be here! I love the Bay Area & never want to leave when I’m here.
Jeez, I could literally feel the hernia through your pants when you hugged me just now, is it serious? Is that a hernia in your pants?
It’s to the point now where I have to get the hernia fixed! I was actually in the hospital 5 minutes away from surgery a year back but my insurance decided at the last minute that it was not adequate enough to to cover it. Fucked up, right? I was out of my clothes, in a hospital gown, fully marked with a sharpie to the incision site…
Yet you were just on stage bending every which way and singing…
Playing shows everyday has made the hernia a pain in the ass. See, today I can pop it out to about the size of a walnut shell. This is actually a re-rip from childhood! I blame my parents for not letting me take gymnastics or ballet! Instead of paying for classes to properly learn how to dance and stretch I learned the hard way, by drinking to loosen myself up which left me with a hernia.
While your shirt is up, show me your ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’ tattoo, I want a photo of it.  The last time I tried to get a photo you had just gotten that tattoo.
I got it a little over a year and a half ago with my best friend Eric, we wanted a friendship tattoo and we were thinking of the most unique thing we could do. We would sit around and order take-out and watch hours of the Golden Girls, so…
Oh, it wasn’t a tattoo you got when Estelle Getty died? I thought it was in honor of her.
No, it was a coincidence, it was right around the time when she died when we got the tattoo!Where else is your tour taking you to?

BUTT - Daniel_amosmac6

After SF we’re going back down to Los Angeles to play The Smell with our friends She Beast & Partyline. From here we head to San Diego to play the Soda Bar before we head to the Northwest. We started our tour back on July 27th in Chicago w/ Leslie & The Lys for an About Face Theater event that led us back to New York so I could see Grace Jones before we left in a rental car to come west. This tour ends September 1st.
How do you spend your days and evenings in Brooklyn? How long have you lived there for now?
I usually keep a pretty low profile when I am home in Brooklyn. I have lived there for 5 years…. I work four days or more at The Metropolitan in Williamsburg so that takes up my nights. If I go out to any bar at all its usually our sister bar Nowhere on a Friday or a Wednesday night where my friends are either bartending or DJ-ing. My boyfriend works late nights as well so some of the only time we spend together alone is after the bars are closed and everyone is still asleep or passed out. We ride around on his bike checking out dream places we would want to live in or go and sit down by the river and talk before heading to our homes to sleep. Its like a fantastic lucid dream of sorts cuz it feels like you own the whole city. Its so quiet & almost nobody is out. Like you are watchmen for the kingdom or something…
So tell me about your Homo-A-Go-Go performance. I saw a bunch of Brooklyn kids in the audience…The performance at Homo- A-Go-Go was a blast! Yeah, a lot of our friends either came out from New York for the festival or are touring through here right now as well so it was definitely a reunion! It was nice to see a bunch of familiar faces who aren’t scrutinizing everything and are just there to have a blast with you. I mean we played at 5pm so nobody was slammin’ around and dancing as usually would be the case at one of our shows, so having your friends there dancing, laughing and making fun of you made me feel like grabbing my ass and blowing kisses to everyone I saw the rest of the day. It definitely made my hernia flare up.

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Published on 19 August 2009