Boris Torres

Interview by
Adam Baran


Boris Torres is a very sweet artist from Ecuador who makes drawings inspired by porno movies and his own gloryhole and bathhouse adventures in New York City. We met up to talk about his work, sex drive, and how his obsession with smut stores led to his current relationship.

Adam: When did you start doing these porn drawings? Like this one of these 2 guys blowing a group of guys.
Boris: You know really I have been doing those all of my life. I remember when I was little I didn’t really know what the body looked like or how to have sex or any of those things, so I kind of drew it and tried to visualize it, and I got off on it. I was trying to figure out what sex was and by visually seeing it in front of me I was able to get excited about it, and play out a fantasy. Now whenever I watch porn and see an image that’s interesting I just pause it and make a quick drawing from it.
What about this one of one guy furiously eating another’s ass?
That’s also from a porno still. A lot of those sexual ones are from when in the middle of watching a porn I get excited about an image on the TV, maybe it’s something that has to do with composition or just the figures, or the light, or contours of the body, or the position, and I just pause it, and then I go back to it and make a sketch. And I often think it’s gonna lead to something else like a painting or something else, but it usually just ends up being a sketch or a drawing — I never usually go back to it.
Didn’t you have an unusual amount of access to porn when you were a kid?
Yeah I think I started buying porn when I was eleven, and that led me to be able to jerk off and cum, and that’s kind of the way I discovered it. I’m from Ecuador originally, and then I came here when I was ten and lived in Brooklyn. I realized early that there was gay porn, and then I had to check that out, but when I got older I got back into straight porn. But when I was learning about my sexuality and exploring it then I was buying gay porn, movies also. I remember going to the rental place and I was very lucky I guess, cause the guy just let me rent them. He didn’t really care that I was young, I guess.
Tell me about the sketches of the glory holes and buddy booth stores. How did those come about?
Those came from me spending a lot of time in those places, particularly the buddy booth stores, and I was familiar with all the ones that existed at one point in the city. I remember thinking they were all so different and unique and they had all these little apparatuses and — they were just set up really differently, colorful and fun. It was something that I wanted to remember so I just took a bunch of pictures of these details of buttons and doorknobs. I think I did it because it was a special place for me and I wanted to keep it and remember it and I took these photos and I really loved the photos and I decided to make drawings of them.
How much time did you spend in the buddy booth stores?
At a certain point I wasn’t buying porn anymore I was just trying to hook up a lot. So I was spending a lot of time in these booths. I used to work at this place on 39th Street and downstairs on the first floor there was one of these booth places, and I would get breaks every so often and I would just go there, like 10 times a day or something. For years I spent a lot of time in these places, and also bathhouses. I have a very high sex drive.
What qualities of the booths do you like the best?
I like the option to be private or not. You know how some of them have a button and you press it and the screen either goes up or down? That’s my favorite. If there’s a big hole that’s always open and you can’t hide, then I don’t like that either. Also sometimes I like when two booths are private, like just off to the side, as opposed to a row of booths where two screens could go up on either side of you. I like the option of focusing on the person on the left, and not having the person on the right booth have anything to do with us. I’m not so into being seen. I think the one that I used to go a lot was on 43rd Street, and you went upstairs.
Yeah, I used to love that one. It was the best.
You went there too?
Yeah that’s the first one I ever went to too. It was a little past Show World.
But you know it’s gone now, right?
Yeah. The first time I was there this fat Arab businessman in a suit stuck the hugest fattest cock through the hole and I couldn’t even believe he got it through the hole it was just like squeezed through it. Have you ever had that where you go to the glory holes and the cocks are just super huge?
You actually met your boyfriend at a glory hole place right?
Yeah, well, we met actually, originally at a party, and then we met a year again at another party. And then we didn’t stay in touch, but we were cruising online and um, we made a date to meet at this place called Sweet Sinsations on — right next to the IFC Center. We went to meet there at 3:30 and then it was him and we knew each other.
Did you go into separate booths or did you just leave together, and figure now that since you knew each other we can just go be comfortable?
I convinced him to come with me into one booth and it was very sweet because at first it was just sort of us kissing and hugging, and it was just a nice surprise to get together with each other. And then we got caught in the booth and they told us to go into separate booths.
And did you suck each other off?
Yeah. From separate booths.
Tell me your favorite sex story.
My favorite sexual experience was probably the first time I tried watersports. It was something I’d fantasized about since I was little. I had a fuck buddy that always wanted to do this, and one day he just convinced me and I enjoyed more than I thought I would. It was something I didn’t want to explore, but it was a lot of fun.

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Published on 25 November 2008