The BUTT crew traveled to Palm Springs, California the weekend of November 6th, 2009 to host a series of events to celebrate Gay Pride weekend and the launch of the BUTT-curated gay porn on-demand available exclusively at Ace Hotels in New York and Palm Springs. The lineup includes classic titles like Al Parker's Inches and Matt Sterling's The Bigger the Better, along with newer films like Homopunx and Bruce LaBruce's Skin Gang.

The weekend got off to a bang Friday night with about 40 horny guys crammed into a hotel room eagerly awaiting the legendary porn director Joe Gage, who came to screen clips from his long career and answer questions about ‘the industry.’ Joe, still super sexy at 65, arrived at the event 15 minutes after wrapping production on his latest Titan Media film, The House Beyond Lover’s Lane. The crowd listened attentively as Joe talked about the making of the pioneering gay porn film Kansas City Trucking Company, why he regularly features women in his films, and where he draws the line when filming a father/son incest scene.

Saturday night, November 7th, a larger group gathered to watch the hilarious and incredibly hot porn classic A Night At the Adonis, starring the late, great Jack Wrangler. It was a terrific mix of people – some who’d never seen a vintage porno before, and some who’d actually been regular patrons of the Adonis, the Times Square gay porn theater where the film was set. Several men had their hands in each others laps and pants, while other, more modest men left early to go screw in their hotel rooms. Meanwhile outside, Disco Bloodbath author James St. James personally checked the pants of people who left to see if they had boners.

During the day on Saturday and Sunday we hosted two fabulous parties at the pool at the Ace, while photographer Gabe Ayala dragged boys into a nearby yurt - yes, a yurt- and took a series of delicious butt pictures. On Sunday afternoon, after performances from LA drag superstars Jer Ber Jones, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Phyllis Navidad, the Ace's cultural engineer Jason Harler hosted a BUTT contest by the pool. The weekend also featured DJ sets from Honey Soundsystem, Girlfriends, the guys from Blow Pony, and an amazing performance by Seattle's own Dina Martina.

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